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Status Update:

 The website is still here...partially! I am in college again and in order not to get too overwhelmed I am stepping back a bit from creating game jams and such for now. :D 8.3.3


     The multiplayer functionality for AI Dungeon 2 is still in the works, and that made it a little hard to play. Even though it needs a bit of work, I was still able to generate a decent enough story. An incomplete story but still a story. 8.0.2     So for this story we are a detective, we were called out to investigate an abandoned house where the homeless had reportedly been very noisy at. So, we approach the house and the first thing we see is a man sitting on the porch of the house. We call the man over to have a chat; We then proceed to inquire if the man is homeless and using the house as a shelter. What we hear from the man is unsettling. The man tells us that the house is not abandoned and he lives there with his girlfriend. From here it gets even better, the man tells us that his girlfriend has twin girls that worship the devil. The noise that we hear from the house is him moving around to check on the children as they completed a strange ritual.     Unfortunately, this was

New AI Dungeon!

    Seeing as how my game jam has a day or so left and there hasn't been any news really from developers I follow, I figured I should try the AI Dungeon multiplayer feature! I'll be sure to share my results. 8.0.3

Cof, The Musical Recruit Chapter 3

The A.I is making this story very unconventional, but I like it because it adds a sense of unpredictability. I also like that I have no idea if this is the last chapter or not until the end. 7.0.1 _______________________________________________________________________________________ You, Doog and Cof are all membersof the Flowerbell Army. You and Doog are both soldiers and Cof is a musican. Cof gives you the rifle of doom, which is a death ray that causes instant death. The three of you are going to plunder a nearby village of Guiliver and are met with resistance. "Guiliver Village!" you shout as loud as possible. "We're here! We've got company!" The three of you charge into the village, but it's not easy. There are many guards and they fire upon your group from every direction. Cof plays his lute and the guards cease fire. He begins playing for them and the guards eventually begin firing back at him. It doesn't take long before he has killed most o

Cof, The Musical Recruit Chapter Two.

Cof is back! I am not quiet sure where the AI is taking this story but it is interesting. I theorize that we are in some sort of alternate timeline in this story considering that we have rifles in the year 1243...I told the AI the year but I guess it felt the need to have rifles in order to confuse me. Nevertheless we shall begin. ___________________________________________________________________________________ As I meet Cof, I come into contact with our leader. He is a wizard who has been plotting to mend the war-torn world for years. The two of you have both sworn your allegiance to him and will do anything he says or commands. You ask Cof: "Cof, do you think we are fighting for a good reason?" Cof replies: "Yes, I believe so because we are going to win! We are going to defeat Guilver and his minions!" You ask: You say "How do you attack if you only play instruments"? Cof says: "We use magic! We don't need weapons because our minds

Cof, The Musical Recruit.

I am not sure why I have not thought of this before, but I have decided it would be pretty fun if I shared some stories that I generate on AI Dungeon. I hope the stories do not get too whacky, maybe I will do some interesting stuff with some generators that I am so fond of. If I like this, I will make this an ongoing thing! Thanks to Watabou for making these generators, they really help me make an immersive setting. Your name is Lugg,   a shop keep in the small boarder town of Stone Hayes.   The year is 1243, and there was recently a civil war  that is still ongoing between the neighboring two cities to the left and right of Stone Hayes, Guilver and Flowerbell. The civil war was caused by the Guilvean government’s oppression of the Flower-Lites. There has been a call to arms of citizens of both cities. Being a boarder town, Stone Hayes’s citizens must decide quickly which side they are to join.     You have been working at your trade as a salesman for five

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