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Untitled Digging Game

 I am back at it! Took a week off because I was setting up my brand new business Queen's Trading . Which is a resale business. Anyhow, I haven't done much gaming until today. The game that I did decide to play today was Untitled Digging Game. This is an entertaining and straightforward game in which you must dig for gems and avoid an enemy. Untitled Digging Game by MatthewLacker, lintilion, Ash K


 Use my affiliate link to subscribe to Humble Bundle ! I sure hope I spelled the name of this game right, that may very well be the hardest part of this post! Fluoroantimonic is an entertaining browser game where the goal is to obtain the highest score. To do so the player must collect orbs that are on the ground while dodging pillars that originate from the sky. This makes for challenging game play as the player needs to keep watch in two directions. Feel free to try this game for yourself, happy gaming! FLUOROANTIMONIC by Temporarily Unnamed Collective

Labor Power

  Visit Humble Bundle using my affiliate link. Labor Power is an entertaining browser game with a groovy soundtrack and aesthetic. The game has a solid game play loop about forming a strike to break away from your oppressive job!           Labor Power by FeatureKreep

Sydney Shark

 Use affiliate link to subscribe: Humble Bundle ! Sydney Shark is a dated yet extremely fun Flash game about being a blood thirsty shark in a city full of mayhem and chaos. You can play the game right in your browser and I will embed the game right in this post!

Cozy and Casual Games

I have a few nifty games for you today, as per usual this post is brought to you by Humble Bundle . Humble Bundle is a great place to score high quality games while also contributing to charity. Humble Bundle has really evolved since I began using the service and includes so much more! So feel free to check it out using my affiliate links. Plant Daddy Plant Daddy is a neat cozy game that is very feature rich all things considered. If you guessed that this game involves you growing plants then you would be correct but there are a couple more aspects that make this game even cozier! Plant do take time to grow so this is a perfect game to run in the background and the peaceful nature sounds further that point. As you can see in my screenshots, there is quite a bit of player progression. You can even exit the game and it will automatically save your progress. The game has very humble beginnings although the plants that you can acquire have amazing variety to them. So far all of my plants a

Inside Job

 Inside Job is an interesting "reverse tower defense" game. This game is more of a "tower offense" game than a tower defense game. The concept is executed well and there is even a story to accompany gameplay! Give it a try and you are bound to enjoy it!  Inside Job by FeatureKreep

Beetle Racing Club

 I don't have four friends with me right now, which is the easiest way to play this game. I did give the game a go by myself and it sure is difficult that way! I still managed to get through it somehow although I would recommend playing with four friends. Beetle Racing Club by daniFM, RodPuig, MayDoubt, Seelenfur, JaviL

Shape Shipper

 It is games like this that remind me that I am not good at puzzle games AT  ALL. Don't get me wrong, this is a high-quality game but the problem here isn't the game. The concept is simple enough, you create various shapes under certain conditions. Try it out, maybe you can do better! Actually, you will.😂 shape shipper by torcado


 I am back after my prolonged break of nothing! I have a brand new game for you guys to try and it is an enjoyable one!  My only potential issue with the game is that the controls are a little unconventional...but that is easy to get over! Porklike by Krystman

Black History Month Quiz Game

 I have been extremely busy as of late an I am about a month behind, of course. I still have the same love for games though so no worries there! Here is a quiz game that covers black history. The game was for black history month buuuuuuuuuut yeah, enjoy the quiz anyway! Black History Month Jam 2023 Quiz Game by sketche99

The Adventures of Purple Brick Rick

 Entertaining procedural platformer! Not a whole lot to say other than it is fun and I hope you enjoy. The Adventures of Purple Brick Rick by cark

Gleipnir Collector.

 Straight forward game with a quick story to follow. There is an added benefit knowing about Gleipnir, enjoy! Gleipnir Collector by merkark

Harvest Heist!

 This lighthearted game can also serve as horror game. The game itself is very entertaining. I especially like the party mechanics with your trio of bandits. Harvest Heist by Sheepolution

Grow Golf!

 A fantastic little puzzler where the user grows their own golf ball garden! Very interesting concept executed very well. Try it out for yourself. Grow Golf by torcado

Furcifer's Fungeon

  Furcifer’s Fungeon is a roguelite dungeon crawler with excessive character build options. More options are to be added also! Everything about this game says that I will love this game. I have a feeling that you will also love this game. The demo itself is amazing and it isn’t even finished…Imagine the finished product! I will be linking the Steam page to this game, the page and the Discord. Be sure to give this game a go! Furcifer's Fungeon on Steam Furcifer's Fungeon Discord server Furcifer's Fungeon by PlayWithFurcifer

Human vs Alien

 I really enjoyed this game. Granted I find this game extremely difficult but it is a good game. Try it for yourself at this link! Human vs Alien by Golden Cat Education

Luminous Crucible

 Luminous Crucible is a game, that I am not good at, but a game nonetheless! In Luminous Crucible essentially your task is to keep you and your reflection safe by moving various mirrors and destroying evil ones. Check it out for yourself! Luminous Crucible by crass_sandwich

Electrophorus Recycling Inc.

 Oof I hope I spelled that right. Anyway, you are bound to enjoy this game! A lot of similar games are extremely easy to a ridiculous extent, I am glad this game has some challenging elements. Play the game and find out for yourself if you enjoy it! Electrophorus Recycling Inc. by webagent


 GEHENNA is an action survival game where you as the player dodge projectiles in order to survive. GEHENNA by Temporarily Unnamed Collective, Constantin Liétard, OFFLINE

2D Tower Defense

 2D tower defense game...please give the creator some feedback! 2D Tower Defense by Golden Cat Education

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