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Black History Month Quiz Game

 I have been extremely busy as of late an I am about a month behind, of course. I still have the same love for games though so no worries there! Here is a quiz game that covers black history. The game was for black history month buuuuuuuuuut yeah, enjoy the quiz anyway! Black History Month Jam 2023 Quiz Game by sketche99

The Adventures of Purple Brick Rick

 Entertaining procedural platformer! Not a whole lot to say other than it is fun and I hope you enjoy. The Adventures of Purple Brick Rick by cark

Gleipnir Collector.

 Straight forward game with a quick story to follow. There is an added benefit knowing about Gleipnir, enjoy! Gleipnir Collector by merkark

Harvest Heist!

 This lighthearted game can also serve as horror game. The game itself is very entertaining. I especially like the party mechanics with your trio of bandits. Harvest Heist by Sheepolution

Grow Golf!

 A fantastic little puzzler where the user grows their own golf ball garden! Very interesting concept executed very well. Try it out for yourself. Grow Golf by torcado

Furcifer's Fungeon

  Furcifer’s Fungeon is a roguelite dungeon crawler with excessive character build options. More options are to be added also! Everything about this game says that I will love this game. I have a feeling that you will also love this game. The demo itself is amazing and it isn’t even finished…Imagine the finished product! I will be linking the Steam page to this game, the page and the Discord. Be sure to give this game a go! Furcifer's Fungeon on Steam Furcifer's Fungeon Discord server Furcifer's Fungeon by PlayWithFurcifer

Human vs Alien

 I really enjoyed this game. Granted I find this game extremely difficult but it is a good game. Try it for yourself at this link! Human vs Alien by Golden Cat Education

Luminous Crucible

 Luminous Crucible is a game, that I am not good at, but a game nonetheless! In Luminous Crucible essentially your task is to keep you and your reflection safe by moving various mirrors and destroying evil ones. Check it out for yourself! Luminous Crucible by crass_sandwich

Electrophorus Recycling Inc.

 Oof I hope I spelled that right. Anyway, you are bound to enjoy this game! A lot of similar games are extremely easy to a ridiculous extent, I am glad this game has some challenging elements. Play the game and find out for yourself if you enjoy it! Electrophorus Recycling Inc. by webagent


 GEHENNA is an action survival game where you as the player dodge projectiles in order to survive. GEHENNA by Temporarily Unnamed Collective, Constantin LiĆ©tard, OFFLINE

2D Tower Defense

 2D tower defense game...please give the creator some feedback! 2D Tower Defense by Golden Cat Education

Mid Autumn Festival Minigame

 Fairly simple shooting gallery game. Simple as I said but it is entertaining and has great sound. Mid Autumn Festival Minigame by Golden Cat Education

Sword Smash Pro

 This game series should be familiar to fans of this blog as I have featured a few of these games. This particular game is all about timing and very entertaining if I do say so myself. Sword Smash Pro by LVGames


 Holeworm is an entertaining game where you take control of Hobart the holeworm and keep his stomach well stocked with his favorite food: Temporal paradoxes! This game has a simplistic control scheme so you won't get too frustrated. There of course are obstacles but you'll just have to play the game to find out. Holeworm by crass_sandwich


" SSSPICY!" is a rather entertaining puzzle game. The game offers a very interesting take on the puzzle genre, a genre where games often get repetitive. Enjoy! SSSPICY! by torcado

Possess Quest Demo!

 I have a few things planned for this week(if I get them done is an entirely different story)! I tested the Possess Quest Demo today and although this is only an early demo, I find the concept very intriguing. I can see how the game eventually would require players to strategize in order to complete a level. Enjoy! Demo:     Save 80% on select product(s) with promo code 80XK5ANU on

Ultimate Tic Tac Toe

 Fun and challenging new take on a classic game! This takes a while to get used to but I find it fun. Ultimate Tic-tac-toe: New Rules by Skeptim

Tenko Magical Sword Quest

 Yet another game in a phenomenal series... my last post was actually about the previous game! Anyhow, I would certainly give this game a try, especially if you are into speed running. Enjoy! Tenko's Magical Sword Quest by LVGames


 I never make posts at night...well almost never. Anyway, Tetro-Cleaner is a game that simply put is about saving a bad player's butt. Enjoy! Tetro-Cleaner by daniFM

Fall Dude

 I am glad I gave this game a chance! I love this game and find it very entertaining. Sure when you get down to things, similar games have existed but this game finds a way to make it unique! One way do they do that is by the in game unlockables. Try the game for yourself! Fall Dude by Bitten Toast Games

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