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 It is well known that I love all of watabou's work at this point. I find it awesome what they can make, and what I can make using their programs, enjoy this one! Lighthouses by watabou


Interesting gadget here! The different patterns you can make are mesmerizing. There are quite a few more controls then you might expect from this so check it out!   tile-flipping toy by Ash K


 Watabou is back with another great generator for you all to enjoy. The title of this post is pretty self explanatory: in this generator you will be creating constellations, enjoy! Constellations by watabou

Langton's Ant

 This "ant sized" coding project is pretty awesome. It is fun to just kick back and relax while you watch whatever happens happen in my opinion. I'm not sure exactly why this was made, my guess is because it is an amazing idea! Hope you like the screenshots. Please do check this out! 8.6.1 Langton's Ant by Arcus

Interminal: The Airport Simulator of My Dreams!

Interminal: A game that we, or at least I, would dream about!! A game about nothing but one of the single best environments to exist… Airports! You can buy tons of fancy colognes and watch the pretty planes. Or, if you want to you could just run around like a maniac. No matter your play style here is the game: 8.5.5 Interminal by nothke, Ferran Bertomeu

Tarjeta de Feliz Cumpleanos

Mi Espanol es mal para yo, pero yo comprende el tarjeta. Es magnifico y me hace feliz. I'm really trying to not use translator so if that isn't perfect Spanish don't mind too much. What I was trying to say was that although my Spanish isn't great, I understood the card and it makes me happy! Tarjeta De CumpleaƱos by RipHunter

Perilous Shores

 I have been featuring watabou's generators on this blog for quite some time. Needless to say, with each creation made I am more impressed. This really is a great tool (just as the others are) and the possibilities are endless for nearly every creation watabou makes. I hope by posting this people can use this tool! 8.3.0 Perilous Shores by watabou Here is an example piece: Keep in mind that the tool is in development.

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