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Subscribe to Humble Bundle using my affiliate link!   MagiZine is a Zine generator. For those that do not know what a Zine is, in simple terms it is a pocket sized booklet that in this case is used to roleplay. MagiZine creates entertaining Zines and I highly recommend it for anyone looking to kill some time. Happy gaming! MagiZine by crass_sandwich


 Subscribe to Humble Bundle with my affiliate link! I normally do not review physical games but after today I might. Risk/Reward is a very simplistic physical game that can be played easily. The rules could be modified to fit any play style or genre!  Risk/Reward by Copperspont Games

Neurometaphysical Recursion

 A tad bit confusing to fit on one page, but I really enjoy the game... and the price. Games like this are especially great if you are quarantining at home right now. I think this game would do for some play examples as well, I would LOVE to see that. Neurometaphysical Recursion by Metaparadox

First Impressions: Wizard's Tower (Dice Game)

Not too sure what this game is yet, i'll try it tomorrow. Nevertheless, saw it on my itch feed and figured it could help you power through boredom! Wizard's Tower by McLean

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