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Hello everyone, I hope you are enjoying your day! Today I have a promising game to showcase to all of you. This game is in a early development stage so be warned that it will naturally contain bugs and glitches until the final release which is confirmed to be sometime in 2020 (which is relatively near). The developer gave me a key for the closed pre-alpha of the game, which I am beyond grateful for. Unfortunately, the game is not in a stage where it is ready to release, but you can always put the game on your steam wishlist, follow the developer on one of her many social media accounts or bookmark the webpage for the game! In addition to a game key for personal use, she also gave me plenty of press resources to share with all of you! So, without further delay, allow us to delve into the details of the game:

Developer Provided Write-up on Her Game
"CreatorCrate: Reproduce your way to freedom
A 2.5D physics platformer on a procedurally generated space station".


“CreatorCrate takes place on a circular space station that is procedurally generated and different each
time you play. Because the station spins to generate gravity, as you approach the center of the station,
the gravity decreases. This means that in the center section there is no gravity at all, and you float from
wall to wall.
Because gravity is a central mechanic, all of CreatorCrate’s interactions have been made very physical.

The game has a unique control scheme where your “arm” follows your mouse pointer in game.
You must physically manipulate objects in the game world.
For instance, you can throw an object by swinging your mouse forward then releasing the object
in your “hand.”
You play as the CreatorCrate. You are an appliance that can “eat” any object in your environment and use

that object’s matter to reproduce other items you’ve learned to make.
The scientists that built you may have been short-sighted, because they gave you legs.
Now you’ve run away and they’re going to do whatever they can to keep you
from escaping the space station.”

Contact the Developer:
Name: Jori Ryan [she/her] with CreatorCrate Games
E-mail: creatorcrategames@gmail.com

Additional Media and Game Mechanic Explanation

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