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 I am following many games but I am particularly excited for this game. I would love to share what news I do have! This is not every single change that was made, rather a summary. A new end turn system. A command system that quees a player's actions. Unit movements. New factors for damage calculation. Perception system, involving the map and hidden elements. Diplomacy, trade, warehouse, population, production and army creation windows are now ready. If you would like to follow development as well, join the Discord:

Lost in the Sand.

 Lost in The Sand is a slow-paced shooter with strategy elements set in a fully destructible environment. I will be able to test a demo of the game shortly so do expect another post! In the meantime I would like to share the Twitter account where you can find content on this upcoming title. I'm really happy to finally announce my new game, Lost in the Sand and it's Steam page. I would really appreciate it if you checked it out and dropped a wishlist ❤️ #gamedev #unity3d #indiegame #lowpoly #Steam #gaming — Bachosoft Studios 🎮 (@BachosoftStudio) August 27, 2022

Possess Quest Demo!

 I have a few things planned for this week(if I get them done is an entirely different story)! I tested the Possess Quest Demo today and although this is only an early demo, I find the concept very intriguing. I can see how the game eventually would require players to strategize in order to complete a level. Enjoy! Demo:     Save 80% on select product(s) with promo code 80XK5ANU on

Update: Final Encore

You may have seen my recent post about Final Encore. Well, Final Encore just got an update so why not try the game?! When I first tried the game, the potential was there but you could see some more development was needed. This developer excels at doing work though and now we have a shiny updated game! If you would also like to talk with the developer, join the Discord linked below...Enjoy! Discord: Final Encore by Verburner


 I got this game yesterday and gosh is it addicting! The advertised playtime can easily be multiplied. I enjoy building a collection of cards that are organized in a way that depicts a village in real life. Give it a try! Stacklands by Sokpop Collective

Final Encore

 Final Encore is a proof of concept type of game at the moment but it is still very enjoyable. It is fun to see how long your party can last. I got to level 22 in about 20 minutes my first run. Enjoy! Final Encore by Verburner


       Today we are gonna talk about Mongrel! I don't know what else you expected actually, the title is Mongrel. Anyway, Mongrel is a game that's difficult to describe with word. In short,, there's poops and demon babies that are from an ancient race. Oh and there is also a toilet that you will have to see for yourself what it is for. It probably goes without saying that this game is not for all ages, but it is funny...and fun!     If this sounds like the game for you, here are some links for more info!     Steam:     Discord:       Twitter:  @fischmell

Planet pt. 2: Media

 So, I do have even more content on Planets as promised. I had asked the developer for some images showcasing the planet generation and they were kind enough to oblige. They did send a lot but that's good for the cause. HERE WE GO!

Project Remembrance

Today's post is about Project Remembrance. Project Remembrance is a work in progress title for an open world co-op RPG set in a world inspired by Kingdom Come: Deliverance and Skyrim.  The game is focused on high intensity combat, which is inspired from Chivalry & Mordhau and is still heavily under development so naturally many things could change.  Due to the very early state of this game I do not have much info about it. I do have a link to Twitch where development takes place live, enjoy! Edit: I have the Discord as well:


Planets is a voxel sandbox space game with procedurally generated star systems which will have two game modes: creative and survival. One very unique part of this game is its use of orbits, from what I have heard and seen the system is very realistic. The game is a work in progress but from what I can tell will only improve. Feel free to see for yourself on YouTube or Discord! YouTube:  Discord: I would recommend the Discord server due to the fact that it allows you to constantly follow development. As soon as I get any more info about development I will post it!

Saiponath Games

Hello, hope we are all having a fantastic day! Lately I have been exploring how useful Discord is when you want to follow games in development! I still use all the other platforms but it is a good idea to add variety. Anyhow, today I am following a city building game and it is very early in development. The game in question is OpenSkyCity! The game was originally a class starting in January of 2020. Here is a video from their Youtube channel: I encourage you to follow them on Youtube. Here is their Discord server as well:

Quills and Curios!

 I am always on the lookout for new games to follow while they develop! This quote says it all about Quills and Curios: "Quills and Curios is a game revolving around managing a medieval fantasy general store. The player handles such tasks as appraising magical goods, engaging and making sales with customers, purchasing inventory stock and following storylines with characters whom they have made a connection. The goal of the game is to become the wealthiest merchant in town. However wealth does not always have to be monetary and resolutions can be found through means that do not involve riches of the coin purse." This is a game that is early in development although from what I see it is updated fairly often! Here is an invite to the Discord server so you can follow development with me!

United Assault

 Today I wanted to express my excitement for a console game that will be released mid-year. I traditionally do not post about console games on this blog but I felt an urge to about this one! United Assault is a WWII(World War Two) themed rogue lite. It is too early to give much info on the game, although I will share the Facebook page for the game. 8.6.0

Akupara Games to Publish Clover Bite’s GRIME

  Not too many stellar video games have hit the market, and I have to say I believe the recent pandemic is the culprit. That said, I still have a genuine interest in video games, and I have found a game that I fancy. " Announced at IGN’s presentation of Awesome Indies during Gamescom, Akupara Games will be publishing Clover Bite’s highly anticipated soulslike metroidvania, GRIME. Clover Bite projects that GRIME will launch sometime in 2021, with Steam being the only platform announced for now, with other platforms to be announced at a later date." Check out this link for the full article by Gamasutra! Point is, this game interests me and if you also love these types of games you should also be interested too. Here is the trailer just so you know what I mean when I say that I see something great. The fact that it is rendered in 3d is enough to make me curious! 8.5.5 Check out these websites to wishlist the game on Steam and learn more about Akupara Games! https://www.akupara

Retro Space Ball

 Anyone remember this game? It is still going strong to this day and would love if you'd check it out! 8.3.0 Retro Space Ball by RikOclon

Windaug User's Manual

Windaug had just been updated, and it now includes a ton of new features as well as a new user's manual! 

New "Operating System".

 This application is still in development but I am already in love with the features it does have! I can see this becoming a nice little community and would love to see how the developers expand upon this fantastic idea! 8.0.3 Windaug 1.1 by Windaug

Game Updates.

Things are gradually starting to pick up again among those I follow on Itch, as I knew they would... maybe I need to follow more people. ANYWAY, here is some awesome games that have recently been updated. 8.0.3 Peculiar Farming - Post Jam Version by Arcus, daniel michaeloudis When has this game NOT been updated lately? Adventures of Yi Chapter 1 by Rail I am helping with the writing for this game...I came somewhat later on in development so I can't be given much credit for chapter 1, but it is a cool game! Xander the Monster Morpher: Universe Breaker by Karatkuro For the amount of content is this game, it is well worth the asking price and probably more as well.

An Update on Previously Talked About Games.

    A lot of the games we cover here tend to be alpha versions and just generally incomplete, and I love being able to bring attention the games because it makes me feel that I am helping them by allowing the potential for more feedback. These formerly incomplete games are now either fully completed or further fleshed out, and I'd like to show them off! 8.0.2 I do want to say that you are doing a great job ! Watabou constantly updates all of their generators, and I encourage you to check them out! Peculiar Farming - Post Jam Version by Arcus, daniel michaeloudis This game I covered a while ago and it has been update to version 1.03 at the time of this post. Everhood by EverhoodDev This game I also covered a long time ago, a free demo is out on steam so check it out! D&D Map Sketcher by daniFM This tool is also on my "checklist". I believe they have a Patreon now, check it out! Retro Space Ball by RikOclon Rik is a good friend of mine

A Look Into the FUTURE.

Today I am going to take you guys into the…FUTURE! You read that right, the future. By that I mean we are going to look at the prospect of a game. I am doing this because the game looks extremely interesting to me, and I believe it would be something my audience would enjoy as well. Even though the game is in extremely early stages, I still managed to contact the developer and find loads of juicy information to share. The developer in question is Martynas Antipenkovas. Martynas is a developer from England and the game in question is titled “Lurking Behind” and will be released as a proof of concept/ a technical demo, not a full game experience. Martynas   has taken a tremendous approach to making this game in my opinion. Martynas is focusing on programming initially and once that is completed only then will he focus on the artistic portion of the game. I think this is great for many reasons, to use his words: “This should help me avoid making unnecessary assets which are alread

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