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Untitled Digging Game

 I am back at it! Took a week off because I was setting up my brand new business Queen's Trading . Which is a resale business. Anyhow, I haven't done much gaming until today. The game that I did decide to play today was Untitled Digging Game. This is an entertaining and straightforward game in which you must dig for gems and avoid an enemy. Untitled Digging Game by MatthewLacker, lintilion, Ash K

After the Collapse

  Use my affiliate link when you join Humble Bundle , I sincerely appreciate my audience and this helps keep this blog alive! Imagery made by DracgaDragon. With base building game play akin to games like Rimworld, After the Collapse is a fantastic post apocalyptic base building game. Although some similarities to other games may exist, After the Collapse is by no means a carbon copy of any one game and possesses plenty of unique features.  For example, decorating your base with furniture and various structures is a wonderful addition to this game. Most, if not all, of these decorations give a buff to your settlers as well. This is just one example of the plethora of customization options that set the game apart.  The inclusion of Z- levels in this game is also a marvelous touch that gives the game a more unique flair.  It is plain to see the vein of games that are alike to this game, be it Cataclysm: DDA, Rimworld or Dwarf Fortress. What I really appreciated is that despite this the ga

Unreal World

Use my affiliate link for your next order at Humble Bundle! I am quite honestly surprised I had not posted about this game sooner! This has consistently been one of my favorite games of all time. I highly encourage everyone to buy this amazing game. 

Sinneh: Minecraft Pro

 Subscribe to Humble Bundle using my affiliate link! I have posted about my good friend Sinneh before and she is back at it with her Minecraft antics! I am glad I have her because I could never create structures like this! Take a look at this glorious masterpiece of a windmill! Sinneh is so amazing at building that I really am at a loss for words! Feel free to say hello to us in our Discord community as well.


 Subscribe to Humble Bundle with my affiliate link! I normally do not review physical games but after today I might. Risk/Reward is a very simplistic physical game that can be played easily. The rules could be modified to fit any play style or genre!  Risk/Reward by Copperspont Games

Once Upon a Dungeon II

 Use my affiliate link to join Humble Bundle ! Once Upon a Dungeon II is a traditional roguelike with a scent of Slavic mythology as well. The game is an overall entertaining experience with tons of engaging features. A major component that I thoroughly enjoyed was the voice acting in this game. This game is generally a better play with it and I believe that adding it was the right choice. It is incredibly difficult to get bored with this game considering the multitude of unique loot which I know players will love. On top of this the dungeons are random so you never fully know what to expect. The first time playing this game it may appear daunting although the hints system does a great job at explaining the game's mechanics. Additionally, taking on quests has always helped me learn gameplay mechanics. My first run I made a mage focused on defense and had tons of fun until my demise.  I encourage you to play this game for yourself, a link to the game on Steam will be provided as wel

Prado Circle: A Daily RPG for Healthy Living

 Visit Humble Bundle using my affiliate link! Today I want to talk about a mobile game, Prado Circle. This is a RPG that promotes healthy habits through exercise, sleep and more! As of now the game is available for IOS and there is also an open beta in the works for the Google Play Store. I love the art style of the game and it motivates me to work out just a little harder knowing that my progress in the game is determined by my life progress. Check this post further to see my screenshots as well as a relevant Reddit post. Happy gaming everyone!

A Nice Customizable Experience With Tons of Features

This post is brought to you by Humble Bundle . Utilize my affiliate link to check out their amazing selection! Gacha Club Studio Released by Lunime in July of 2020, Gacha Club studio has been around for quite some time now yet still can be very fun. You can get it for Windows and also Android! For me the amount of customization in this game is really what makes it a winner. As you can see I had fun customizing my characters. This game also features a battle game mode, multiple mini games and much more you are sure to love! Gacha Club Studio by Lunime

Blue Maxine

 This may look like a fairly simple game and it is to a degree. The core gameplay is indeed simple although in order to attain the main objective the player has various obstacles. The main challenge for me was dodging all the projectiles the enemy fires and there are many. You will have to play this prototype for yourself to find out, enjoy!  Blue Maxine by Jesse Hamm


 Got to try a brand new game today that is very entertaining. The title of the game in question is HUNTERS. HUNTERS is a game about leading a ragtag group of salvagers through a cargo ship infested with enemies. There is also a puzzle element to the game. This game has many secrets, so don't expect me to give away any! Enjoy the game for yourself and find all those secrets on your own. 😛😛 HUNTERS by hwilson


 Ruinarch is an extremely entertaining evil overlord simulator. Ruinarch is extremely addicting to me as the possibilities are essentially endless as to how you can turn each villagers life into a nightmare. At first the gameplay seems tooo simple, but you will learn things about the game that can completely change how you play. Ruinarch on Steam

Ricky Recharge

 Ricky Recharge is a fun game you can find on Steam for $10.00 USD.  Ricky Recharge is a fast paced arcade shooter. Your goal is to get the highest score possible and there are a few mechanics that can help maximize your score… Enjoy! 

Home by the River

  Home by the River is a game where the player is able to transform a polluted world into a beautiful utopia. The game has single player as well as LAN multiplayer for solo adventures or those with friends! The gameplay itself is fairly lighthearted yet the game is also in-depth enough to allow the player to build masterful creations. This game is set to be out in 4 weeks so check it out! WEBSITE                                                 HBTR ON INDIE DB                                             HBTR ON STEAM HBTR Discord! HBTR Demo - | Build | Farm | Harvest | Clean Pollution | by Gamer To Game Developer Follow @looqmaan_GTGD

Furcifer's Fungeon

  Furcifer’s Fungeon is a roguelite dungeon crawler with excessive character build options. More options are to be added also! Everything about this game says that I will love this game. I have a feeling that you will also love this game. The demo itself is amazing and it isn’t even finished…Imagine the finished product! I will be linking the Steam page to this game, the page and the Discord. Be sure to give this game a go! Furcifer's Fungeon on Steam Furcifer's Fungeon Discord server Furcifer's Fungeon by PlayWithFurcifer

Home by the River

In Home By The River you create your home & lab, farm, cook, earn money, gain virtue, defend your home against Sigil droids, restore the local town and ultimately transform a dystopian world. You can find all the social media of this game, including the Discord and others, on the Indie DB page for the game:  enjoy!

Permutation Racer

 Permutation Racer is a randomly generated racing game that is a race against the clock. When I first saw this game just reading about the concept intrigued me and can you blame me!? If you do play this game do use a gamepad, that will save you some frustration. Permutation Racer by tomnullpointer

Possess Quest Demo!

 I have a few things planned for this week(if I get them done is an entirely different story)! I tested the Possess Quest Demo today and although this is only an early demo, I find the concept very intriguing. I can see how the game eventually would require players to strategize in order to complete a level. Enjoy! Demo:     Save 80% on select product(s) with promo code 80XK5ANU on

There are Two Things

I don't really want to give much away about this game. You can check it out if you like although it will only work for Jakob. There Are Two Things by webagent

Update: Final Encore

You may have seen my recent post about Final Encore. Well, Final Encore just got an update so why not try the game?! When I first tried the game, the potential was there but you could see some more development was needed. This developer excels at doing work though and now we have a shiny updated game! If you would also like to talk with the developer, join the Discord linked below...Enjoy! Discord: Final Encore by Verburner


 I got this game yesterday and gosh is it addicting! The advertised playtime can easily be multiplied. I enjoy building a collection of cards that are organized in a way that depicts a village in real life. Give it a try! Stacklands by Sokpop Collective

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