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Subscribe to Humble Bundle using my affiliate link!   MagiZine is a Zine generator. For those that do not know what a Zine is, in simple terms it is a pocket sized booklet that in this case is used to roleplay. MagiZine creates entertaining Zines and I highly recommend it for anyone looking to kill some time. Happy gaming! MagiZine by crass_sandwich

Bundle of iOS Games

Support the blog and also help charities by visiting Humble Bundle using my affiliate link.  Recently I had gotten an older iPad Mini and it runs pretty old software (iOS 9). Finding apps for it was a bit difficult but ultimately I found quite a few! Here are some screenshots of what I found: These are all quality apps as far as I am concerned and they are all extremely fun!


 Use my affiliate link to subscribe to Humble Bundle ! I sure hope I spelled the name of this game right, that may very well be the hardest part of this post! Fluoroantimonic is an entertaining browser game where the goal is to obtain the highest score. To do so the player must collect orbs that are on the ground while dodging pillars that originate from the sky. This makes for challenging game play as the player needs to keep watch in two directions. Feel free to try this game for yourself, happy gaming! FLUOROANTIMONIC by Temporarily Unnamed Collective

After the Collapse

  Use my affiliate link when you join Humble Bundle , I sincerely appreciate my audience and this helps keep this blog alive! Imagery made by DracgaDragon. With base building game play akin to games like Rimworld, After the Collapse is a fantastic post apocalyptic base building game. Although some similarities to other games may exist, After the Collapse is by no means a carbon copy of any one game and possesses plenty of unique features.  For example, decorating your base with furniture and various structures is a wonderful addition to this game. Most, if not all, of these decorations give a buff to your settlers as well. This is just one example of the plethora of customization options that set the game apart.  The inclusion of Z- levels in this game is also a marvelous touch that gives the game a more unique flair.  It is plain to see the vein of games that are alike to this game, be it Cataclysm: DDA, Rimworld or Dwarf Fortress. What I really appreciated is that despite this the ga

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