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 Holeworm is an entertaining game where you take control of Hobart the holeworm and keep his stomach well stocked with his favorite food: Temporal paradoxes! This game has a simplistic control scheme so you won't get too frustrated. There of course are obstacles but you'll just have to play the game to find out. Holeworm by crass_sandwich

Battle Brothers Expansions

 I am very late to say I got the Battle Brothers expansions, that much I know. I have not been feeling great though yet I still want to make a post that talks about something! Anyway, the Battle Brothers expansions are amazing...they add tons of new enemies, stuff to explore and much more! If you don't know what the game Battle Brothers is, it is a tactical party based RPG. You have the ability to do anything within the constraints of the game. The game itself was released in 2015, which is why I say I'm late... but you still should check out this amazing game.

A Few Titles to Look at.

 Obviously there are a lot of games you may want to keep your eye on, but here are some early PC games I am interested in. Rustforge: Rustforge is a game about crafting, automation and exploration on procedurally generated planets. In Rustforge, in order to find resources you must explore. These media pieces should give you an idea of what to expect from this game right now:  Follow @rustforgegame Rustforge Discord From what I can see, the art style of this game is something that really sets it apart. I imagine the exploration aspect of this game will be a huge component as well as factory construction.  Vagrant Frontier: Vagrant Frontier is a fantasy action game that places you in a world filled with ferocious beasts and unimaginable danger. In this game there are several unique classes that you can master. This game draws inspiration from great games such as Diablo, although this game focuses on combat mechanics such as a fighting game would.   Follow @VagrantFrontier   Va


 This game is extremely entertaining (and possibly OCD inducing). Try the game out for yourself, I am sure you will like it. As always, enjoy the game. CEV-1 by sirknightj, Froast, vishaldev


" SSSPICY!" is a rather entertaining puzzle game. The game offers a very interesting take on the puzzle genre, a genre where games often get repetitive. Enjoy! SSSPICY! by torcado

We See You.

 We See You is a rhythm based down-scrolling runner. One thing I really like about this game, and there are multiple things, is that the developer manages to create a rhythm based game that is still a good way. I imagine that it would be pretty challenging to merge a horror game alongside a runner game... and still make the whole thing rhythm based of course! Feel free to check out this game and wish list it as it comes out soon, on August 19th. We See You on Steam: Follow @FriendlyMuffin2