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As My Game Jam Concludes, Three Winners Emerge.

As this was my first ranked game jam, I am very impressed with the results! Every game in the jam was so great, and the quality of every submission was very apparent. All the developers clearly put a lot of effort in their games; which made choosing select games above others that much more difficult... Here is the rundown of the results.

Overall we had three winners in four separate categories. The winner of the primary category, adventure feel, was Hide and Seek:

I like to consider this game the "winner among winner". The reasoning behind that description is that this game won first place in the jam's primary criteria. I got a chance to speak with the developer and interview her, and here is some of what was said, note that any questions were from me and she provided the responses.

1. Why did you decide to develop games?

"I've played games since I was a kid and have always wanted to make them. I was often discouraged in the past from making games. Last Septemb…

New Halloween Game Jam!

Spooky stuff! This should be fun.


I do not advise anyone to steal anything, but I will say that when the concept is applied to a fictional basis (a video game), it is very fun. I also do not advise streaking, especially in some lady's living space, but this is another element that makes for an exciting game, enjoy!

Musume, a Cinematic Action Game.

I have to say, I was nothing short of intrigued when I came across this game on Twitter. I have a lot of information on this game to share, but I am not too familiar with the game yet so this will be a learning experience for us all!

The game in question (which you could probably tell from the post title) is Musume. The platforms this game will be available on are: Steam, PlayStation 5, Xbox Scarlet and Switch.

Release Date: 1st of November, 2022.

Studio Name: Devil Knight Studios


Twitter - @MusumeTheGame 

email -

@Moonraccoon (music)

Here is a rundown of all the characters you can see in the game right now:

Name: Suzu Aoyama
Designation: Daughter of Eris 
Occupation: Chaos Witch
Weapon: Chaos Blade
Armor: DE779(Type 1)
Faster: than a speeding bullet 

English voice actress:
Aika Intong (@AikaIntongVA)

Japanese voice actress: 
 Sofia Sanches (@bagelruru011)

Name: Mara Kimbry
Designation: None
Occupation: Treasure Hunter
Weapon: Connix Scanner Tool (holst…

Coin Ball Collector!

Fun little bubble shooter-esque game with a very distinct gameplay mechanic for an added challenge. 

I Finally Released a Game I Can be proud of.

As of now, the game is incomplete but you can follow any progress I make!

We Found a Deserving Winner...

A winner has been declared for my latest game jam! I must say that there were at least seven or so games that I think had the potential to win. Out of 4 categories, we had 3 total winners! I will be working on contacting the developers in the upcoming days so be patient!