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A Look Into This Week's Awesome Games!

I had found myself lost in an endless sea of games...yet again. Here is what I found that I care to share.8.0.1

This game is nifty, and I bet it was really interesting to make!
Command by Yaw Amanquah
Another great game...the key is to play your angles in a way that maximizes the amount of block you blast away for each turn..even though I sound like I know what I'm doing, I only got to 63 lines. Space Blast Block Attack by LVGames



This Month So Far.

Unfortunately, there has not been too much news in the indie game world for me to report on (I try my best not to end up covering the same things as other content creators). I do have two games that I wish to showcase...both being browser based so you do not have to download anything! Truth is, I have been waiting for a few more games to come out by people I follow, and none I have taken interest to besides these two have come out!7.0.3
The first game I would like to showcase is "Full Moon Coffee."

Full Moon Coffee by watabou
This is a short little point and click adventure game with comedic elements. I love the ending, it is something you have to play for yourself!
The next game that I would like to showcase is called "Tenko's Story RPG- No Travel Game Jam."
Tenko's Story RPG - No Travel Game Jam - by LVGames
This is a great little adventure game. The game itself is supposed to be more fleshed out in the future, if you click the above link you can also find thei…

Promotional Post

It has been two years since I began this blog, and I have improved from an inexperienced writer to...slightly inexperienced!7.0.3
This post will be dedicated to promoting, which is the affiliate program I belong to.
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For some examples, I will include some parking locations I searched.
Keep in mind that the links in this post are affiliate links and I will receive a portion of your purchase.
Also, be aware that my search settings will still be active when you click the links, so you will have to edit the search…

A Look Into the FUTURE.

Today I am going to take you guys into the…FUTURE! You read that right, the future. By that I mean we are going to look at the prospect of a game. I am doing this because the game looks extremely interesting to me, and I believe it would be something my audience would enjoy as well.Even though the game is in extremely early stages, I still managed to contact the developer and find loads of juicy information to share.The developer in question is Martynas Antipenkovas. Martynas is a developer from England and the game in question is titled “Lurking Behind” and will be released as a proof of concept/ a technical demo, not a full game experience.Martynashas taken a tremendous approach to making this game in my opinion. Martynas is focusing on programming initially and once that is completed only then will he focus on the artistic portion of the game. I think this is great for many reasons, to use his words: “This should help me avoid making unnecessary assets which are already not so easy…

Cof, The Musical Recruit Chapter 3

The A.I is making this story very unconventional, but I like it because it adds a sense of unpredictability. I also like that I have no idea if this is the last chapter or not until the end.7.0.1 _______________________________________________________________________________________

You, Doog and Cof are all membersof the Flowerbell Army. You and Doog are both soldiers and Cof is a musican. Cof gives you the rifle of doom, which is a death ray that causes instant death. The three of you are going to plunder a nearby village of Guiliver and are met with resistance.
"Guiliver Village!" you shout as loud as possible. "We're here! We've got company!"
The three of you charge into the village, but it's not easy. There are many guards and they fire upon your group from every direction.
Cof plays his lute and the guards cease fire. He begins playing for them and the guards eventually begin firing back at him. It doesn't take long before he has killed most of the…