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Deep Blue!

  This game was very enjoyable. The game is not over complicated, so really anyone could play it! It is also extremely impressive that this game was made in a fairly short amount of time yet still has all the features you would expect. 8.7.3 Deep Blue [LD48] by imphenzia

What Game Did I Buy?

 Before I answer that very important question, I do want to say that I am looking for a job and that can explain my absence of late. ANYWAY- back to the question! I bought a game on Steam, it is early in development but still entertaining... here is the game: I have a lovely screenshot of a naturally made creature  as well:  Now I am off to continue my job hunt! 8.7.3

A super simple iron farm by Claire

  The world's simplest iron farm. The hardest part about this farm is getting the villagers up but you can do that with a simple rail line  Step 1 Pick your spot you want to build and make a 2x2 tube at least 20 blocks off the ground Step 2  Build a 18x18 platform on top leaving the center open for the golems to fall through Step 3  around the platform with walls or fences In the corners add some walls on the second lever to contain the water Step 4  Time for water in the corners you will want to put blocks to keep from filling the whole thing Step 5  4 blocks up over the center you want to either make a 5x2 or 6x2 platform for the villagers with 5 or 6 beds depending and encase it in glass to keep them safe Step 6 The killing and collection of the golems at the bottom of the drop tube place signs on the second block and lava above them to kill the golems  Step 7 4 hoppers in to a chest and you are done This is not the most efficient iron farm but it is cheap and you can expand it

Another Game Jam!

 If at all interested in joining, please consider!! :-D 8.6.1

Langton's Ant

 This "ant sized" coding project is pretty awesome. It is fun to just kick back and relax while you watch whatever happens happen in my opinion. I'm not sure exactly why this was made, my guess is because it is an amazing idea! Hope you like the screenshots. Please do check this out! 8.6.1 Langton's Ant by Arcus

Claire's First Minecraft Post.

  People have been making storage systems for years. But there is only really one used. Why is that? It just works. The one I am going to show you is simple enough to make the only limiting factor iron. At this point in Minecraft who are we kidding, you have an iron farm already. If you do not you will soon. Follow this simple tutorial and you can have an infinitely expandable system.  Step one is simple enough: find the space for it. For this I'm going to show it all in a super flat world to make it easier for you to follow. Step two: The first layers are just chests and hoppers. I am making this one five chests high but you could make yours as little as one chest or go all the way to world height! There are two ways to place the chest or chests, way one is with all the hoppers in the back, this is ok but once the bottom chest is empty its empty till more items are added. The second way is alternating the chests and hoppers. This is better because items will always flow down keepi

Massacre: Tactics

 This game is pretty tricky because the AI can be fairly unpredictable. After a while, you should be getting the hang of it though! This is a fun game and I would recommend it for just the music alone, although the gameplay is amazing! 8.6.1 Massacre: Tactics by Torreng Labs