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 TOGAM is a game about making 12 games in a year. How is this possible? I'm not sure, but let's see if you can do it while not letting your developers go insane... TOGAM by Torreng Labs


 I am back with a vengeance. I really feel determined to stick to my routines this year so it was important that I came back in a timely matter! Anyway, the game that I have lined up today is called Absume. The game itself is a tad bit creepy but in a fun way, enjoy! Absume by Anuke


 Not really leaving but I wanted to give you a good holiday scare. There are so many holidays around this time so feel free to comment yours! The holiday I celebrate in particular is Christmas along with New Year on Jan. 1st. See you all next year, stay safe and enjoy yourselves!

The King's Edict

 Certainly not the easiest game. Games with this format just aren't easy, what can I say? It may not be easy but it is fun! The King's Edict by Torreng Labs

Train to Amber Coast.

 Lovely little game by watabou. He is such an amazing creator! So serene, I love it. Train to Amber Coast by watabou

Astronomical Assault

 I am confident I played this game before. I am not sure I did a post on it but I am now! I am not sure how to describe the game other then a space egg shooter. Try the game for yourself! Love the music in this eggcelent wonder I don't write comedy. Astronomical Assault by Anuke