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College is picking up and I am getting a little sluggish with these blog posts. I really am trying to find another writer for this blog, but people are busy! Regardless, I made a new game jam found at this link.
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So, as we await the results of my new game jam which ends in 7 days (If you wanna join check out the game jams page, time is running out!) I figured I'd let you all know that things seem as if they are going well!
Enjoy your weekend!

Labyrinths in Darkness - Free Online Browser Based HTML5 Game

Labyrinths in Darkness - Free Online Browser Based HTML5 Game: How many labyrinths can you overcome before the light fades out?Walk through as many labyrinths as you can before time runs out and the light fades out. Labyrinths in darkness is a simple game where you will have to find the way out in mazes that are generated randomly.

I probably did share this game before, but you know what? It is a quality game. It has a unique feel to it.

Extra Extra!!!

I have a nice long post for you guys today, and I'm sure you will all enjoy it. I am going to talk about a game I discovered near January 1st, and this game is called "A Thief's Journey". I always like to start these posts off by discussing the inspiration for a given game. This game's inspiration is from games such as connect the dots that you likely would have played as kid. As in connect the dots, in "A Thief's Journey" you must be careful not to visit a tile (or dot in connect the dots) more than once. Initially, the game's skeleton was bare bones, like most games. In fact, the initial game play consisted of a square for the players and dots for bases.

After the initial development in January of 2015, the game play was satisfying, although tougher levels were a must. After some hard thought, it was figured that since the game setting is a 3x3 grid, the levels had to be more challenging. This led to the in game obstacles you will see upon pl…