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Daily Racer

 Daily Race is a fun arcadey racing game for IOS. The game has plenty of awesome features to let you beat out other players from around the world and get the fastest time on a track! I hope you try this game for yourself.

Ricky Recharge

 Ricky Recharge is a fun game you can find on Steam for $10.00 USD.  Ricky Recharge is a fast paced arcade shooter. Your goal is to get the highest score possible and there are a few mechanics that can help maximize your score… Enjoy! 

The Adventures of Purple Brick Rick

 Entertaining procedural platformer! Not a whole lot to say other than it is fun and I hope you enjoy. The Adventures of Purple Brick Rick by cark

Gleipnir Collector.

 Straight forward game with a quick story to follow. There is an added benefit knowing about Gleipnir, enjoy! Gleipnir Collector by merkark

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