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2D Tower Defense

 2D tower defense game...please give the creator some feedback! 2D Tower Defense by Golden Cat Education


 Watabou is back with another great generator for you all to enjoy. The title of this post is pretty self explanatory: in this generator you will be creating constellations, enjoy! Constellations by watabou

Home by the River

In Home By The River you create your home & lab, farm, cook, earn money, gain virtue, defend your home against Sigil droids, restore the local town and ultimately transform a dystopian world. You can find all the social media of this game, including the Discord and others, on the Indie DB page for the game:  enjoy!

Permutation Racer

 Permutation Racer is a randomly generated racing game that is a race against the clock. When I first saw this game just reading about the concept intrigued me and can you blame me!? If you do play this game do use a gamepad, that will save you some frustration. Permutation Racer by tomnullpointer


 I am following many games but I am particularly excited for this game. I would love to share what news I do have! This is not every single change that was made, rather a summary. A new end turn system. A command system that quees a player's actions. Unit movements. New factors for damage calculation. Perception system, involving the map and hidden elements. Diplomacy, trade, warehouse, population, production and army creation windows are now ready. If you would like to follow development as well, join the Discord:


 "Every 10 seconds, a ball is fired onto the board. place, move, and upgrade pegs and cannons to score as many points as possible. see how far you can get!" This is one of those games that progressively becomes more difficult. That is how I believe games should be made and this one was executed well. I only lasted 37 rounds my first go, maybe you can get 50? autoball by torcado

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