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Medieval Fantasy City Generator

Hello everyone, it feels like the last time I posted was forever ago! Mostly because it has been. Anyway, since this is my first post in quite a while I figure I should cover one of my favorite creators and a newly updated generator of theirs. Before I get into the details, this post is brought to you by Humble Bundle  which is an amazing platform that I have personally used in order to get great games at a reasonable price and also contribute to charity! I was very excited when I logged back into my account and saw that watabou had recently updated Medieval Fantasy City Generator! If you are unfamiliar with this application is is exactly what the title says. This really is a great tool for creators to conjure up fantastic medieval style cities with tons of features. I have followed watabou for quite sometime and I have covered quite a few of his other generators and they are also worth checking out. I will include some examples of cities that I have created: Not all cities ma

Inside Job

 Inside Job is an interesting "reverse tower defense" game. This game is more of a "tower offense" game than a tower defense game. The concept is executed well and there is even a story to accompany gameplay! Give it a try and you are bound to enjoy it!  Inside Job by FeatureKreep

Beetle Racing Club

 I don't have four friends with me right now, which is the easiest way to play this game. I did give the game a go by myself and it sure is difficult that way! I still managed to get through it somehow although I would recommend playing with four friends. Beetle Racing Club by daniFM, RodPuig, MayDoubt, Seelenfur, JaviL

Blue Maxine

 This may look like a fairly simple game and it is to a degree. The core gameplay is indeed simple although in order to attain the main objective the player has various obstacles. The main challenge for me was dodging all the projectiles the enemy fires and there are many. You will have to play this prototype for yourself to find out, enjoy!  Blue Maxine by Jesse Hamm

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