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Dorky Dungeons- A Quick Look.

 As far as RPGs go, good artwork can be a hit or miss. This may not be the best selling RPG in your country but I think this game has charm. The art style in this game was one I instantly fell in love with. Enjoy! Dorky Dungeons by SnarkleStudios

Saiponath Games

Hello, hope we are all having a fantastic day! Lately I have been exploring how useful Discord is when you want to follow games in development! I still use all the other platforms but it is a good idea to add variety. Anyhow, today I am following a city building game and it is very early in development. The game in question is OpenSkyCity! The game was originally a class starting in January of 2020. Here is a video from their Youtube channel: I encourage you to follow them on Youtube. Here is their Discord server as well:

Watabou's Aquarium Generator

 Fun little generator by watabou. Interesting to see all the possibilities!                                                                        ENJOY!  Terrarium/Aquarium by watabou

Triangle Run

 This game is in fact very hard, but it cannot be denied that it is also extremely fun. As always, check out the creator's other work! Triangle Run by Terry Cavanagh

Sigil Generator

 If you have been following this blog throughout the existence of it...that's you mom, you would know that I am a huge fan of watabou's generators. They are a great bridge in order to help yourself be more creative. Today I looked at his sigil generator and made a pretty cool one! Please do check out his other stuff as well.  Sigil Generator by watabou

Solitaire: Tactics.

 Tired of the same repetitive game of Solitaire? If you are, I have just the game for you. Solitaire: Tactics is a fun modification of the traditional game. This version is absolutely more challenging and adds a pleasant difficulty as opposed to simply stacking cards. Say hello to Solitaire: Tactics! I have been following this creator a while and they haven't disappointed yet, so show them some love. Solitaire: Tactics by Torreng Labs