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Will Be Back Soon!

Due to the recent outbreak, and now pandemic, of this Corona-virus, I am essentially forced to stay home as I am immuno-compromised. You would think that this would give me plenty of time to write posts on this website but at this moment I would rather spend my time with family. I hope you all do understand and also are staying safe! I will include a short informational video on ways to prevent the spread of this virus and what exactly the virus is.

No More Gnomes: A Fun Relaxing Game.

A fun relaxing game... where you shatter gnomes to pieces. This game has you, the player, put at the heart of this destruction 😆 To me, this game just feels right, the music matches the type of game AND when the gnomes do shatter, the animation is as smooth as you could hope for.You are given a slingshot to do the deed.

The game is challenging, as a shooting gallery type game should be, yet entertaining. You would be surprised on where gnomes can be found these days! Please check out this awesome game.
No More Gnomes by Kuneko

Kook's Kitchen: First Impressions.

Kook's Kitchen is a cooking mini game where the player is tasked with dragging and dropping the ingredients to a ghoulish dish, a potion if you will, without allowing the creature in the pot to wreak havoc!

I love the overall theme of this game because you rarely get to see a horror-esque type of cooking game! I would highly recommend checking this game out!

Kook's Kitchen by Kuneko

Creator Crate: Game Update!

A post I did a while back detailed this game in an earlier stage of development. The game itself is about an experimental 3d printer (you!) that is able to throw objects, grab them and use their matter. You are doing all of this while humans are trying to hunt you down and will exhaust any technique possible to do so. This can be deploying gadgets as well as making use of various other surprises!

Creator Crate has recently released a new PC demo on Steam, and I think you will be impressed. You can also wish list the game on Steam, and doing so would be something I recommend.

CreatorCrate on Steam CreatorCrate is a roguelike 2D platformer about an escaped appliance that can eat and reproduce items. In the game, you make, throw, and manipulate physics objects to overcome challenges and survive. You must fight or evade intelligent humans and robots that are trying to track you down.

A Village Sunken in Snow- A Song Review?

Yes, it is true that I am not one to normally post a review for a song. With this being said, I am a very musical person  and love when I see music on my feed. This all made it a simple choice: Give the song a listen!

So, now you may download this song too, and experience what I did:

A Village Sunken in Snow by DigiDragon

Climb!- What to Expect

Climb! is a neat game I happened to come across and here is what you need to know:


"Climbers in CLIMB! will fight against dynamic environments, falling rocks, frostbite, and an array of outrageous weapons and gadgets in a mad scramble to the finish! Scale cliffs in various hazardous environments around the globe! Get to the top and brag to your friends, or fall to your death in a shower of ludicrous gibs. Are you good enough to scale the world's deadliest mountains?


Single Player Time trial where you race against the clock to get to the top while avoiding hazards that rain death upon you!Travel around the world to climb up most dangerous mountains, each of which contains unique challenges that will test your reflexes and guile.Play as four character personas that reflect the adventures that await you.Scavenge for items that can be utilized to help you scale up the mountains or bash your opponent’s head in.When you are done traveling around the world alone…

Seasonal Rotting- First Impressions

Seasonal Rotting is a game that was made by merkark over on Before even moving my character, I could tell that this was a high quality game. I love 2d platformers, and this one is no exception. I highly encourage you all to check it out! Give credit to where it is due!

Seasonal Rotting by merkark