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Beetle Racing Club

 I don't have four friends with me right now, which is the easiest way to play this game. I did give the game a go by myself and it sure is difficult that way! I still managed to get through it somehow although I would recommend playing with four friends. Beetle Racing Club by daniFM, RodPuig, MayDoubt, Seelenfur, JaviL

Blue Maxine

 This may look like a fairly simple game and it is to a degree. The core gameplay is indeed simple although in order to attain the main objective the player has various obstacles. The main challenge for me was dodging all the projectiles the enemy fires and there are many. You will have to play this prototype for yourself to find out, enjoy!  Blue Maxine by Jesse Hamm

Galactic Game Jam

 We did it, we're out with a new game jam. Been a while so enjoy this one!

Shape Shipper

 It is games like this that remind me that I am not good at puzzle games AT  ALL. Don't get me wrong, this is a high-quality game but the problem here isn't the game. The concept is simple enough, you create various shapes under certain conditions. Try it out, maybe you can do better! Actually, you will.😂 shape shipper by torcado

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