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I have a few nifty games for you today, as per usual this post is brought to you by Humble Bundle. Humble Bundle is a great place to score high quality games while also contributing to charity. Humble Bundle has really evolved since I began using the service and includes so much more! So feel free to check it out using my affiliate links.

Plant Daddy

Plant Daddy is a neat cozy game that is very feature rich all things considered. If you guessed that this game involves you growing plants then you would be correct but there are a couple more aspects that make this game even cozier! Plant do take time to grow so this is a perfect game to run in the background and the peaceful nature sounds further that point. As you can see in my screenshots, there is quite a bit of player progression. You can even exit the game and it will automatically save your progress.

The game has very humble beginnings although the plants that you can acquire have amazing variety to them.

So far all of my plants are garden plants so you can really see here that the variety of plants is astounding. I took a peek into the community posts for this game and the plants that others grow are breath taking.

All in all I love this game and this is absolutely a game that I will play on my Chromebook. The game looks great, sounds great and runs great...it just is great!

Dungeons & Degenerate Gamblers

As far as gambling games go I am usually not the biggest fan but this is not just a gambling game. This is a combination deck building game with blackjack. The game itself can become a tad challenging but something tells me that this game was not meant to be easy. Granted, this game isn't terribly difficult when playing on easier difficulties but obviously I chose not to xD

This is only the demo and the full game will be available on steam so be sure to check that out. There is a link on the itch.io page to the Steam version of the game as well... Happy Gaming!


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