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Cof, The Musical Recruit.

I am not sure why I have not thought of this before, but I have decided it would be pretty fun if I shared some stories that I generate on AI Dungeon. I hope the stories do not get too whacky, maybe I will do some interesting stuff with some generators that I am so fond of. If I like this, I will make this an ongoing thing! Thanks to Watabou for making these generators, they really help me make an immersive setting.

Your name is Lugg,  a shop keep in the small boarder town of Stone Hayes.
 The year is 1243, and there was recently a civil war  that is still ongoing between the neighboring two cities to the left and right of Stone Hayes, Guilver and Flowerbell. The civil war was caused by the Guilvean government’s oppression of the Flower-Lites. There has been a call to arms of citizens of both cities. Being a boarder town, Stone Hayes’s citizens must decide quickly which side they are to join.

You have been working at your trade as a salesman for five years now, but you know that this will be your last. You can't go on like this forever; you need something new to do. Something exciting! Something with a chance of getting you killed!
You are confronted by an extremely aggressive army recruiter from the city of Guilver. You see he means no harm and wishes to make a soldier out of you. He tells you that if you want to serve him, then you will have to prove yourself first.
He leads you through the streets of Stone Hayes and into a tavern where he says his people can test your skills. 
You are given a simple task: kill all the customers inside.

You say "I am sorry, but I don't think this is for me. It’s too gruesome!"
The man looks disappointed, but doesn’t argue further. He leaves you alone and heads back to his own office.

After this encounter you head home. The next day you head down to the docks where you meet up with some other men who are also interested in joining the Flowerbell Army. They tell you that they were recruited from nearby towns as well, so it should be easy for them to get their paperwork done and ready to go.

They explain that the Flowerbell Army is made up of civilians who are trained to fight like soldiers, but have the advantage of not having to worry about training or discipline. They also mention that they have more freedom than regular troops because they aren't under direct orders from any higher authority.
You begin to inquire about the enemy of Flowerbell, Guilver.

“Guilver  is a lot stronger than we expected. We thought there would only be a few hundred Guilves, but there are over ten times that number."

You ask "So what are we supposed to do? Should we just surrender?"

One of the men replies "We could try to run away, but that wouldn't work. The Guilves have guns too and they won't let us leave alive."

You consider joining the opposing army, but you just can not after they just asked you to murder over a dozen innocent people; you know they are no good.

You say “I would like to join the army of Flowerbell.”

After a week of paperwork you are assigned to a company called the 1st Company.
You talk to one of the other men in your company and convince him that he should be your friend. He agrees, but warns you that if anyone tries anything on you, he will personally help you out. Looks like you have made your first small alliance soldier! Your new friend's name is Doog.

You say to your newfound friend  "This army is more of a militia isn't it?"

He says "Yes, but we can still make a difference. We need to keep our morale high and show these Guilves that we're here to defend ourselves. Besides, I'm pretty sure I know someone who knows how to play an instrument.”

You say "Why would we need somebody to play an instrument?"
He says "Well, when we first started this war, most of us didn't even know how to play an instrument. Nowadays we all know how to play at least something. Besides, it'll give me time off from my job as a soldier.”

You decide to meet this musical recruit you tell him you'll meet him later today at a more opportune time. When you return to your own unit, you inform them of the new recruit's name (Cof) and then report back to your duties.

Later that day you arrive at the Flowerbell Army Headquarters. There are several guards outside with rifles pointed at you, but they don't stop you from entering. Inside is a large room filled with instruments and music books. A man comes up to greet you and introduces himself as Cof.

“I didn’t even need your help to join! Turns out musicians are highly welcomed here!”
And that is the end of this chapter, I really enjoyed writing this and would love to stick with it! If you would like to create your own stories, check out AI Dungeon yourself!


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