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    The multiplayer functionality for AI Dungeon 2 is still in the works, and that made it a little hard to play. Even though it needs a bit of work, I was still able to generate a decent enough story. An incomplete story but still a story.

    So for this story we are a detective, we were called out to investigate an abandoned house where the homeless had reportedly been very noisy at. So, we approach the house and the first thing we see is a man sitting on the porch of the house. We call the man over to have a chat; We then proceed to inquire if the man is homeless and using the house as a shelter. What we hear from the man is unsettling. The man tells us that the house is not abandoned and he lives there with his girlfriend. From here it gets even better, the man tells us that his girlfriend has twin girls that worship the devil. The noise that we hear from the house is him moving around to check on the children as they completed a strange ritual.

    Unfortunately, this was when the software started acting weird and the story was not finished. A real shame because it was right at the climax!


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