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Cof, The Musical Recruit Chapter 3

The A.I is making this story very unconventional, but I like it because it adds a sense of unpredictability. I also like that I have no idea if this is the last chapter or not until the end.

You, Doog and Cof are all membersof the Flowerbell Army. You and Doog are both soldiers and Cof is a musican. Cof gives you the rifle of doom, which is a death ray that causes instant death. The three of you are going to plunder a nearby village of Guiliver and are met with resistance.

"Guiliver Village!" you shout as loud as possible. "We're here! We've got company!"

The three of you charge into the village, but it's not easy. There are many guards and they fire upon your group from every direction.

Cof plays his lute and the guards cease fire. He begins playing for them and the guards eventually begin firing back at him. It doesn't take long before he has killed most of them with the sheer power of his music.

Doog gets shot in the leg by a guard who was aiming for you, but fortunately it hits his foot rather than his body.

You use the rifle of doom.

You aim the gun at one of the guards and pull the trigger. The guard drops dead instantly.

"That should do for now," says Doog. "Let's get outta here."

You say "We cannot leave! They were obviously guarding something and we must push on! Cof, please use some sort of magic to heal Doog."

"I can't do that!" Cof cries. "It would be suicide! I'm a musician! My life is my art!"

You force Cof to use some sort of healing spell on Doog. He does so and you all continue forward.

As you walk through the village, you hear sounds of battle outside.

You continue walking until you reach a large stone bridge spanning an open field.

You inspect the battle outside.

You notice several figures fighting each other. One of them is a man wearing a strange hat. You recognize him immediately as the leader of the Flowerbell Army, Captain Gruzub.

"Gruzub!" you exclaim.

Captain Gruzub looks over at you. His face shows anger and fear. He raises his hand and a beam of light shoots out from it. A fireball bursts forth from the palm of his hand, engulfing the entire battlefield in flames.

You run towards Captain Gruzub, who screams in pain as the fireball burns him alive.

"No!" you cry. "He needs to live! Please, save him!"

You don't even know how long it takes for you to reach him, but eventually you do.

You tell Cof to play some music to help slow down the pain of Gruzub.

The next day, you see Gruzub lying dead with his chest burned black.

That is the end of this chapter, not sure how much longer the A.I will let us take this, but I am pleased today with how well it worked. Be sure to check out AI Dungeon.


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