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Cof, The Musical Recruit Chapter Two.

Cof is back! I am not quiet sure where the AI is taking this story but it is interesting. I theorize that we are in some sort of alternate timeline in this story considering that we have rifles in the year 1243...I told the AI the year but I guess it felt the need to have rifles in order to confuse me. Nevertheless we shall begin.

As I meet Cof, I come into contact with our leader. He is a wizard who has been plotting to mend the war-torn world for years. The two of you have both sworn your allegiance to him and will do anything he says or commands.

You ask Cof: "Cof, do you think we are fighting for a good reason?"

Cof replies: "Yes, I believe so because we are going to win! We are going to defeat Guilver and his minions!"

You ask: You say "How do you attack if you only play instruments"?

Cof says: "We use magic! We don't need weapons because our minds can destroy them with a thought!"

You ask him how he is so sure the magic works and he cleverly tells you that he is not sure at all.

You contemplate the thought of the Flowerbell army consisting of militarized buffoons and quacks, but quickly reject that thought as Cof begins to speak.

Cof: " There is a nearby scouting party , we will find them and when we do, you better be ready for battle!"

Cof gives you rifle called the 'Rifle of Doom' and it shoots a beam of energy that causes instant death to anyone caught within its range.

You leave to get Doog as Coff told you to. The next day, you meet up with Cof again. This time he seems more excited than before.

You: "Meet Doog."

Cof: "I've heard great things about you from the other soldiers here! Let us go to battle!"

That's it for chapter two!


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