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If you have been following this blog for quite sometime you know that I seldom post a game more then once and today I will introduce an exception! FARA has been great since I started playing it and still gets constant patches! In fact, there has recently been a re-worked version that is being tested probably as I type this. I hope you find as much joy in the game as I do: FARA by BrianIsCreative

Looper Cooper For the Win!

For me, the controls are a bit sensitive but over time you adapt to it and it becomes easier. The sensitive nature of the controls makes it much easier to do loops... which is really the point. With this said, this game is entertaining and I like it. Looper Cooper [LD47] by imphenzia


 Good game with a solid concept. Doesn't quite have audio yet but that doesn't make the gameplay any less. 8.5.2 Primal by Chronoware Games

Tarjeta de Feliz Cumpleanos

Mi Espanol es mal para yo, pero yo comprende el tarjeta. Es magnifico y me hace feliz. I'm really trying to not use translator so if that isn't perfect Spanish don't mind too much. What I was trying to say was that although my Spanish isn't great, I understood the card and it makes me happy! Tarjeta De CumpleaƱos by RipHunter

Monster Master

 In a way this game feels like chess, and I love both chess and this game! The art style used in the game gives it a great feel as well! 8.0.5 Monster Master by Raychop, Sojzi, Dissolvant, Mahjoub

Drowning Light.

Neat game, love the artwork and the sound effects. 8.0.3 Drowning light by Sky

New AI Dungeon!

    Seeing as how my game jam has a day or so left and there hasn't been any news really from developers I follow, I figured I should try the AI Dungeon multiplayer feature! I'll be sure to share my results. 8.0.3

A Great Tool!

Looking on, I found this tool and this is a tool i'd love to explore and potentially use!! 8.0.1 Dungeon Scrawl by ProbableTrain

A Look Into This Week's Awesome Games!

I had found myself lost in an endless sea of games...yet again. Here is what I found that I care to share. 8.0.1 This game is nifty, and I bet it was really interesting to make! Command by Yaw Amanquah Another great game...the key is to play your angles in a way that maximizes the amount of block you blast away for each turn..even though I sound like I know what I'm doing, I only got to 63 lines. Space Blast Block Attack by LVGames

This Month So Far.

Unfortunately, there has not been too much news in the indie game world for me to report on (I try my best not to end up covering the same things as other content creators). I do have a game that I wish to showcase... being browser based so you do not have to download anything! Truth is, I have been waiting for a few more games to come out by people I follow, and none I have taken particular interest to except this game! 7.0.3 The first game I would like to showcase is "Full Moon Coffee." Full Moon Coffee by watabou This is a short little point and click adventure game with comedic elements. I love the ending, it is something you have to play for yourself!

Cof, The Musical Recruit Chapter 3

The A.I is making this story very unconventional, but I like it because it adds a sense of unpredictability. I also like that I have no idea if this is the last chapter or not until the end. 7.0.1 _______________________________________________________________________________________ You, Doog and Cof are all membersof the Flowerbell Army. You and Doog are both soldiers and Cof is a musican. Cof gives you the rifle of doom, which is a death ray that causes instant death. The three of you are going to plunder a nearby village of Guiliver and are met with resistance. "Guiliver Village!" you shout as loud as possible. "We're here! We've got company!" The three of you charge into the village, but it's not easy. There are many guards and they fire upon your group from every direction. Cof plays his lute and the guards cease fire. He begins playing for them and the guards eventually begin firing back at him. It doesn't take long before he has killed most o

Low Poly Racing: First Impressions

This game showed up on my feed and it's pretty awesome, not just the game itself but also the videos the developer makes whilst creating it! Low Poly Racing by imphenzia Please check out the game and the videos.

Cof, The Musical Recruit.

I am not sure why I have not thought of this before, but I have decided it would be pretty fun if I shared some stories that I generate on AI Dungeon. I hope the stories do not get too whacky, maybe I will do some interesting stuff with some generators that I am so fond of. If I like this, I will make this an ongoing thing! Thanks to Watabou for making these generators, they really help me make an immersive setting. Your name is Lugg,   a shop keep in the small boarder town of Stone Hayes.   The year is 1243, and there was recently a civil war  that is still ongoing between the neighboring two cities to the left and right of Stone Hayes, Guilver and Flowerbell. The civil war was caused by the Guilvean government’s oppression of the Flower-Lites. There has been a call to arms of citizens of both cities. Being a boarder town, Stone Hayes’s citizens must decide quickly which side they are to join.     You have been working at your trade as a salesman for five

Hope that this cures boredom!

So, here's yet another generator to get things started... you outdone yourself this time (as usual)! Village Generator by watabou This is a very fun browser game that is also mobile compatible! Pixel Sword Toss by LVGames Additionally, if you want to learn game making while at home, give this a try! Takes less code than most engines. Pixelbox by Cedric Stoquer

Winter Trees

Here I go again sharing another generator. This developer makes the best quality stuff in quantity as well, I have used his generators for my game and also just for fun! Winter Trees by watabou

Game Jam Recap: Medieval Times Game Jam

This game jam had a fair amount of submissions, six! So, I'll include all of them here: Dungeon of the Mad Mage by rafaelcnagy, syrem The Ship on Wheels Episode One by Bozon Minotaur Maze by arthursheos Oberlon: Trading Sim by Tyler Holloway Dice 1000 online by Alexandr Shvab Medieval Times idea/research by Arcus This last one is not a game per say, but it does provide some excellent facts, research and ideas.

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