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Game Updates.

Things are gradually starting to pick up again among those I follow on Itch, as I knew they would... maybe I need to follow more people. ANYWAY, here is some awesome games that have recently been updated.8.0.3

Peculiar Farming - Post Jam Version by Arcus, daniel michaeloudis
When has this game NOT been updated lately?

Adventures of Yi Chapter 1 by Rail
I am helping with the writing for this game...I came somewhat later on in development so I can't be given much credit for chapter 1, but it is a cool game! Xander the Monster Morpher: Universe Breaker by Karatkuro
For the amount of content is this game, it is well worth the asking price and probably more as well.

A Look Into This Week's Awesome Games!

I had found myself lost in an endless sea of games...yet again. Here is what I found that I care to share.

This game is nifty, and I bet it was really interesting to make!

Another great game...the key is to play your angles in a way that maximizes the amount of block you blast away for each turn..even though I sound like I know what I'm doing, I only got to 63 lines.


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