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One of the only tools I actively used just got updated.

I did not quite see what got updated as of yet, but I will find out. I love this tool, plus it is free.

I like this game.

I like classical music, it is relaxing. So, although I have little content for the time-being (shame on me), this should hold you over until the submissions come in for my game jam.

In case you missed it.

My extremely hyped game jam only has 13 some odd days left for submissions, as always, believe the hype! 

So many games...

This game just recently has been released, the music is good, it makes me feel so old school and I love it for that. The actual game does get challenging at times. I only said this game may be potentially unsuitable for young kids because when you die the animation can be called gory, especially if you are 6 years old. As far as I can tell the game is relatively kid friendly minus this, so have fun!

Game may contain content unsuitable for lower age ranges.

Catch em All - Free Online Browser Based HTML5 Game

Catch em All - Free Online Browser Based HTML5 Game: \"In Catch em All\" you catch all the naughty little monster that come at night. But you can catch only the one you are allowed to. Match the color and catch them all.

I haven't posted a game from websites other than itch that much lately, mostly because I am finding it so more user friendly to use itch. Although, this website does make sharing game easy; The only downside is I think idev periodically deletes under performing games, maybe.

So, this popped up in my feed today.

Nice little game. Kind of reminds me of my childhood. Either way, I hope you enjoy this,

Playing the drums is hard in real life and in games...

Seriously, it doesn't get any less difficult on a keyboard. For me the crowd was somehow ok with my horrific playing.


I honeslt do not have much to post.

Even though I don't have much to post, I will by the end of the day!


I really do love games like this, not gonna lie I got so scared the first time I died (mostly on account of not knowing what to expect). Enjoyable although may be frightening to very little kids.

This game was made in 8 hours?

Well it very good, despite the fact it took little time. Can anyone guess what game I find it similar to?

I don't mean to over hype my game jam...

BUT  BELIEVE THE HYPE About 15 people have joined so far, which is very good. Lettuce keep it going!!

I'm not even gonna review this...

It seems like a great game but the wifi in my new college dorm is really being sucky. I'll play it, you have my word. In the meantime, review it yourself.

A small (very small) shooter.

Still fun, and the smaller the game, the less likely the occurrence of a bug is!

Pretty good game.

Loved the rocking tunes to this game as well.

My game jam is looking like it'll end well..

So, as you all should know, I started yet another game jam for my blog. The jam is the medieval times game jam, three people have joined as of now, the jam will last 20 days. I look forward to what will come from this!!

By no means am I trying to change the direction of this blog,

I will still post loads of games, don't worry about that, it gives me something to do. I just wanted to share my excitement for the NFL games on, most notably to me is the 49er's versus the Texans.

By the way, if you would like to join my upcoming game jam, it is great for developers. It is especially great for developers looking to promote their game, but may not have the money for huge promotional campaigns (typically indie developers).

Here is the link to the jam:


We all remember my update in this game when it came out, well it just got an update.
v3 added 64x64 mode to be compatible with #LOWREZJAM rulesyou can toggle the LOWREZ MODE in the menu (press enter)there is no info screen in lowrez mode as it can't fitno previous laptime is shown, only bestno split time is shown, only diffcolors in sector HUD now reflect the split difference - red slower, green faster.
Check out this game.


I would not say this is a violent game, or anything close for that matter. I WOULD say this game can be a bit creepy, especially towards the end game.


I have realized that I should not be making this blog to get money, I should be making this blog in order to spread happiness. So enjoy this blog being relatively ad free, (minus some adfly referral banners but they are mostly there on the off chance someone registers). My donation button is still there, and that's really all I need you know? If I don't deserve compensation I should not receive it, and with that being said, it was pretty unfair of me to require you guys to skip ads just to view my content that may or may not be worth it.
All in all, I just can not seem to be satisfied with this blog, and I guess that happens with all new blogs.



The fourth one.


As you all can probably guess by now, I am a game enthusiast. What I would to talk about is an oldish game that I happened to see one day while with my mother at the local goodwill store. I say oldish because the game in reality is not "old" at all. The game I am talking about is Pacific Storm. Some people, especially with the recent evolution in gaming, dislike the game mainly for game play reasons.

Pacific Storm was released on September 28, 2006. This great game was developed by Lesta Studio, and published by Buka Entertainment. I love the game because it gives the player so much control. In the game the player is given the awesome responsibility of acting as a supreme commander for either Japanese or US forces (British as well if you get the allied expansion pack). The game was more recently re-released on steam in 2014. 

The game has been criticized for historical inaccuracies, mostly consisting of the types of un…

This game was difficult for me, and it should not have been.

Morning guys!!

 Foot Chinko - More Latest games - Terms and Conditions -
Privacy Policy (The links above pertain to Miniclip, the game on the bottom is from Kongregate.) I'm fairly busy today, but never fear I will make sure to schedule plenty of posts.

A history game?

I am a history guy, so of course this game won me over. It is a worthy topic in my opinion, and the jam it was made for is a perfect fit!

Another shout-out, to one of my favorite tools on

My meme, as it were. This is not a particularly good game, and since I made it I have no problem saying that. As of now it has 9 downloads and counting. Honestly, this game was made in order to test out Bitsy Game Maker, one could potentially make an amazing game with the tool, and it has happened quite a few times. I will also link Bitsy Game Maker yet again; This is because I really feel that this is a tool that I (you) can appreciate.

Blog update and, yeah play this game please.

I figured out my little monetization fiasco, I'm hoping. It seems every time I THINK  I have it figured out, there is another  problem.

I am keeping in communication with this dev and am planning something fancy for your enjoyment, stay tuned!

Let us just call this game a reversal of roles.


This is a pretty dang good "Prototype"

...Another game.

Browser games usually seem like the best to post and cover, simply because I know not everybody is comfortable downloading games. With that being said, this is a browser game, and I have shared tons of browser games.



I don't let you all know every time a game has been updated (if you wanna follow the games yourself, I do occasionally post my game collection). Needless to say, this is a great game, AND it just got an update.

No game, just yet another blog update.

To me, it made more sense to use This makes me a bit less reliant on viewer donations.


So everyone,

Good news, for you mostly. As it turns out, I am gonna close my amazon associates account, mostly because this does not exactly seem like the type of blog that will benefit from the program. I will explore other options and get back to you all. Worse comes to worse I will use, I used it before but I feel shady not giving you guys a say, so now is your time to pitch in! So fully expect an link coming up.


Image  I most likely will not interview this/these dev(s) as they are obviously more influential than me, and probably famous. Still, good game.

Good, wholesome fun.

I am a fan of games that are not too complex, yet are still tons of fun. My good friend Tyler definitely achieves all of the above with this game. This is the same developer that is also creating Cipher's Room.

Also, I dig the game boy graphic, Tyler.

Ok guys, expect posts like this as well.

If nothing else, this blog is very entertaining to work on and I plan on working on this for a while.

Now as I am more exposed to a variety of games on one platform, I am growing my collection. One could look through all the blog posts to find games they like, heck one could even go to another blog (frowned upon by me hehe).



Now is a good time to say to you all that, if you expect me to review games more often, donations definitely help me do that. Donations can help me in a variety of ways; For one, they help me keep up with basic living expenses. Of course, that is not my top concern, as I am in college right now and looking for a decent paying job that I know I will like (so yes, I have plans other than this blog, unless it gets increasingly lucrative). Donations also help me pay appropriately for games. You might be thinking "Why would I use MY money to let this guy buy games?" Well, I am not saying donations are a requirement, but as you all know blogging takes time and I don't want my time going towards  a pointless endeavor. Besides, I do a bit more then just post games; I interview developers when possible, and a lot of developers look for your support when seeing if they even would like an interview. Like I said, donations are not a requirement, so at the very least it would be grea…

I gotta say, this guy has skill.

It takes work to make one good  game, and this guy has made enough great games for us to play.
From the same author that brought us Mindustry, I present his brand new release.

Check out the other games created by Anuke as well, and as always, follow my blog for more content coming your way!


Sorry for the lack of content today!

I have a big test tomorrow so I have been preparing, so this will be the only form of content you all will get today, sorry! Also, a portion of the map is blocked in the player, so it might be best to go to kongregate directly.

GAMES BY Kongregate


This guy also joined my first game jam, so of course I will rave about this game! This game is good, although you probably won't put 20 hours into it. For me my speakers were too loud so i'll warn ya on that.

Quick update on my last post.

Apparently there is such a thing as a learning curb because a seagull just annihilated me...

My in game name is Sneaky Deaky

Just trying this game out for myself, seems good!

This is art, or at least a form of it, and I love it.


Stay tuned for a dev interview

Game Developers are busy, so don't always expect a timely interview!




For me the ball is a bit too bouncy, or I am just terrible at the game ha. Either way, ENJOY.



As of now this game is a work in progress, so be on the hunt for bugs!

Again, Not Technically a "Game" in the Traditional Sense

Nonetheless, fun like a game.


It is very.............................................................................memey.

This is a Neat Tool...

I will see what I can create with this tool, seems cool!

A clean,simple game that flows pretty well.

Alot of times games can be taken for granted if they do not have the features we like. Personally I appreciate this game an the developer as well. It is a great game, it is not too hard, although occasionally if you miss your target you will start a guessing game in order to track the oncoming missile

ALL ROUND GOOD GAME. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SHOP NOW

It may just be a random city generator...

But with that being said, I enjoy it and think it is amazing work!

This is oddly satisfying.



HERE IS THE LINK I told you guys I would get better at creating jams, I hope this sign is attractive enough for potential participants. Submissions close in a week!!



Fun and funny little game.

Play Super Soccer Noggins Terms and Conditions
Privacy Policy ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Endless Pixel Wars - Free Online Browser Based HTML5 Game

Endless Pixel Wars - Free Online Browser Based HTML5 Game: This pixel war is endless and destroy everything you can for survive in this challenge game and obtain the best score.   Controls:Mouse left down: shot. Movements: Left Arrow, Right Arrow, Up Arrow and Down Arrow. Music control :Press E for stop/resume.

This game seemed impossible...until I noticed I could move.



SHAME ON ME! This must be a great game, but I have to try it after I post about it. The reason for this, and bare with me, is that it looked too good to not share as I play.

Need a new gaming computer or games in general? Other then , which I highly recommend, try Amazon!

Narrow Escape - Free Online Browser Based HTML5 Game

Narrow Escape - Free Online Browser Based HTML5 Game: A casual one touch game: Tap to move the red circle upwards. Timing is key, avoid the obstacles and the higher you go the more points you score! Can you beat your high score?

"First Into the Fray!"

So, for those who do not know me, I am an avid gamer. I love video games, I do not so much create them as I enjoy putting hours into a game. I also enjoy History (So much so I want to make a this day in history blog). My reason for this post is to explain what has brought me continuous joy for a few months now. Recently I joined a gaming community and I joined a few parts of the community.This community is the 12e gaming Community, and I would highly recommend them. You can mostly find me playing Holdfast: Nations at War with my other regimental comrades. It is fun rising the ranks of the regiment as well beginning to see others do the same.

If you would be interested in joining this fine regiment, add me, [12e]Arjt27, on steam.
Also, our regiment's leader can be found at [12e] Phillip.
You can also add [12e] KD
Ask around the regiment for Will or Tau.

It is hard to highlight every single regimental comrade of mine, because they are all awesome!!