As you all can probably guess by now, I am a game enthusiast. What I would to talk about is an oldish game that I happened to see one day while with my mother at the local goodwill store. I say oldish because the game in reality is not "old" at all. The game I am talking about is Pacific Storm. Some people, especially with the recent evolution in gaming, dislike the game mainly for game play reasons.

Pacific Storm was released on September 28, 2006. This great game was developed by Lesta Studio, and published by Buka Entertainment. I love the game because it gives the player so much control. In the game the player is given the awesome responsibility of acting as a supreme commander for either Japanese or US forces (British as well if you get the allied expansion pack). The game was more recently re-released on steam in 2014. 

The game has been criticized for historical inaccuracies, mostly consisting of the types of units available when and where. Despite this, I was able to find enjoyment in this game.The game has my recommendation although as the ratings suggest, it is not loved by everyone. 


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