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It has been two years since I began this blog, and I have improved from an inexperienced writer to...slightly inexperienced!7.0.3
This post will be dedicated to promoting AirportParkingReservations.com, which is the affiliate program I belong to.
I know that at the moment flying can be a risk, although sometimes it is necessary in order to conduct business or visit loved ones. If you are in need of parking, this site is for you! 
The site gives you multiple parking locations ranging from hotels (which can be a bit pricey because you have to rent the whole room), or companies dedicated to airport parking (which often times are cheaper)! You can tailor your search as well. 
For some examples, I will include some parking locations I searched.
Keep in mind that the links in this post are affiliate links and I will receive a portion of your purchase.
Also, be aware that my search settings will still be active when you click the links, so you will have to edit the search…

So everyone,

Good news, for you mostly. As it turns out, I am gonna close my amazon associates account, mostly because this does not exactly seem like the type of blog that will benefit from the program. I will explore other options and get back to you all. Worse comes to worse I will use adf.ly, I used it before but I feel shady not giving you guys a say, so now is your time to pitch in! So fully expect an adf.ly link coming up.


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