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Game Updates.

Things are gradually starting to pick up again among those I follow on Itch, as I knew they would... maybe I need to follow more people. ANYWAY, here is some awesome games that have recently been updated.8.0.3

Peculiar Farming - Post Jam Version by Arcus, daniel michaeloudis
When has this game NOT been updated lately?

Adventures of Yi Chapter 1 by Rail
I am helping with the writing for this game...I came somewhat later on in development so I can't be given much credit for chapter 1, but it is a cool game! Xander the Monster Morpher: Universe Breaker by Karatkuro
For the amount of content is this game, it is well worth the asking price and probably more as well.

Low Poly Racing: First Impressions

This game showed up on my feed and it's pretty awesome, not just the game itself but also the videos the developer makes whilst creating it!
Low Poly Racing by imphenzia

Please check out the game and the videos.

Cof, The Musical Recruit Chapter Two.

Cof is back! I am not quiet sure where the AI is taking this story but it is interesting. I theorize that we are in some sort of alternate timeline in this story considering that we have rifles in the year 1243...I told the AI the year but I guess it felt the need to have rifles in order to confuse me. Nevertheless we shall begin.

As I meet Cof, I come into contact with our leader. He is a wizard who has been plotting to mend the war-torn world for years. The two of you have both sworn your allegiance to him and will do anything he says or commands.

You ask Cof: "Cof, do you think we are fighting for a good reason?"

Cof replies: "Yes, I believe so because we are going to win! We are going to defeat Guilver and his minions!"

You ask: You say "How do you attack if you only play instruments"?

Cof says: "We use magic! We don't need weapons because our minds can destr…

Cof, The Musical Recruit.

I am not sure why I have not thought of this before, but I have decided it would be pretty fun if I shared some stories that I generate on AI Dungeon. I hope the stories do not get too whacky, maybe I will do some interesting stuff with some generators that I am so fond of. If I like this, I will make this an ongoing thing! Thanks to Watabou for making these generators, they really help me make an immersive setting.

Your name is Lugg, a shop keep in the small boarder town of Stone Hayes. The year is 1243, and there was recently a civil war  that is still ongoing between the neighboring two cities to the left and right of Stone Hayes, Guilver and Flowerbell. The civil war was caused by the Guilvean government’s oppression of the Flower-Lites. There has been a call to arms of citizens of both cities. Being a boarder town, Stone Hayes’s citizens must decide quickly which side they are to join.

You have been working at your trade as a salesman for five years now, but you know that this wi…

Let's Take a Look at Astral Game Studio!

I usually only look at indie games, although it is very interesting to look at the studios as well! I do not do this as much because the studios are typically too busy making the games themselves, which makes it easier for me to go over said games! Occasionally I will come across a welcoming studio, and in this post that studio is Astral Game Studio out of Brazil! This studio, which is headed by Leonardo Lindoso, is fueled by a long growing passion for game development shared with other team members! As indie game development studios often do, game jams were the start for Astral Game Studio, but this was not the end by any means! After months of hard work, and games like “Fix this, dude.” And “Inkreatures, the studio is working on their biggest project to date: “Asyren”. It is not easy by any means for a six person game development studio to make such great game, but they are doing a great job! If you want to get the full story I will include the interview after I share these screenshot…

First Impressions: Desktop Garden

Desktop Garden is a fun desktop game that is very relaxing. Navigate your open windows to hydrate the trees that you plant on your island.

Desktop Garden by Temporarily Unnamed Collective

Save on Airport Reservations!!!

Hope that this cures boredom!

So, here's yet another generator to get things started... you outdone yourself this time (as usual)!

Village Generator by watabou

This is a very fun browser game that is also mobile compatible!
Pixel Sword Toss by LVGames

Additionally, if you want to learn game making while at home, give this a try! Takes less code than most engines.
Pixelbox by Cedric Stoquer

First Impressions: Wizard's Tower (Dice Game)

Not too sure what this game is yet, i'll try it tomorrow. Nevertheless, saw it on my itch feed and figured it could help you power through boredom!
Wizard's Tower by McLean