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Let's Take a Look at Astral Game Studio!


I usually only look at indie games, although it is very interesting to look at the studios as well! I do not do this as much because the studios are typically too busy making the games themselves, which makes it easier for me to go over said games!
Occasionally I will come across a welcoming studio, and in this post that studio is Astral Game Studio out of Brazil! This studio, which is headed by Leonardo Lindoso, is fueled by a long growing passion for game development shared with other team members!
As indie game development studios often do, game jams were the start for Astral Game Studio, but this was not the end by any means! After months of hard work, and games like “Fix this, dude.” And “Inkreatures, the studio is working on their biggest project to date: “Asyren”.
It is not easy by any means for a six person game development studio to make such great game, but they are doing a great job! If you want to get the full story I will include the interview after I share these screenshots!


Fix this, dude:


Here is the interview I had with the head of the studio:
1) What inspired you to create your studio?
Well, game dev has always been my passion since I was 12 years old and since then I knew that making games is the thing I want to do in life. So, when I got to College and met some people, who also had this passion, we created Astral Game Studio as a chance for us to really work on this passion.
2) How many team members do you have?
We started with 3 members and in something like 8 months we doubled the members number. Now we have 6 members.
3) What does each team member do?
As a small team is kinda hard to each member to work on only one type of task. So, we have four programmers and two artists, but we all work as Game Designers when it comes to designing a new stage, or a boss fight. I am a programmer, but I work as an Artist and as a Game Designer too, for example.
4) Can you briefly describe your most recent game?
Asyren is a 2D metroidvania with a few RPG-like mechanics. It is set in a fantasy world where an excluded goddess called Unn'a is trying to take control of the world in a search for power. The player takes the role of a renegade female priest, who were once deceived by Unn'a. Now she must stop the goddess and save the continent of Asyren.
5) What other games have you made? 
Asyren is our first big project. We have worked mainly on Game Jams. Our last two games were "Fix this, dude", an IT Professional simulator where you have to fix your co-workers' computers by solving minigames, and "Inkreatures", a local 2D co-op game that combines "Capture the Flag" and "King of the Hill" game modes in a paintball arena.

If you are interested in this studio as much as I am, here is how to find their other work:


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