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As My Game Jam Concludes, Three Winners Emerge.

As this was my first ranked game jam, I am very impressed with the results! Every game in the jam was so great, and the quality of every submission was very apparent. All the developers clearly put a lot of effort in their games; which made choosing select games above others that much more difficult... Here is the rundown of the results.

Overall we had three winners in four separate categories. The winner of the primary category, adventure feel, was Hide and Seek:

I like to consider this game the "winner among winner". The reasoning behind that description is that this game won first place in the jam's primary criteria. I got a chance to speak with the developer and interview her, and here is some of what was said, note that any questions were from me and she provided the responses.

1. Why did you decide to develop games?

"I've played games since I was a kid and have always wanted to make them. I was often discouraged in the past from making games. Last Septemb…

We Found a Deserving Winner...

A winner has been declared for my latest game jam! I must say that there were at least seven or so games that I think had the potential to win. Out of 4 categories, we had 3 total winners! I will be working on contacting the developers in the upcoming days so be patient!

All Entries To My Recent Game Jam

This is a list of all the entries to my game jam! Voting closes at 11:59 pm, Eastern (so you still can vote by clicking on the widget to the game you like and following the instructions). Not all entries are finished and whatnot but they're still quality! Without further hesitation, I present all the amazing entries. Thanks to anyone and everyone that helped with this game jam!

Although this is described as a "proof of concept", I do love the concept that is shown and wish to see this game push further. Good luck!

Like mostly every game in this game jam, this game is still being worked on. With that said, this is another solid entry with as good of a chance as anyone. Good luck!

Pretty interesting game. It is funny if you understand it, in order to do this you should look at and translate the source material from Polish. Good luck!

Try and get more questions right than wrong! Great game that is educational. I did not fact check everything about this game, but I did get …

Get That Space Booty

Someone found a new game and that someone is me!

I love this game for many reasons. For one, it is extremely easy to get into although it can be challenging (and that can be seen by witnessing the failure screen as much as I have). In any event, I think you'll like this game which is why I am sharing it!

Quick Update on My Game Jam

The Text Based Adventure Game Jam is going extremely well, I have six finished games already and there is still 13 or so hours left! As was said before, I will make a general post for ALL the web-appropriate games and the winner will get a featured post! I'm sure excited to see what comes of this!

Running Chambers: How Fast can YOU Run?

What makes speed running even better? Put your virtual life on the line and you have all the excitement you need in a game! Weave through traps, dodge obstacles and use your speed to your advantage so you can become the world's best! Oh, did I mention that you are timed through this? This is Running Chambers.
Better yet, check out the game's website:
Running Chambers is a fast-paced first person speed-runner where the only way to survive is to complete the chambers before time runs out...or anything kills you. It's a game where the main focus is speed and fast reaction. Every chamber is designed to train the player to achieve mastery.

Developer: A team of college students who funded their own studio: Ape Republic Studios​.Follow them on Twitter @ApeRepublic or Instagram @aperepublicstudios
Release date:TBD​Platforms:

Dolphin Time!

Me gusta este juego. El juego es fluida, las imágenes son geniales y la dificultad es perfecta.

An Update on my Ongoing Game Jam.

My game jam, THE TEXT-BASED ADVENTURE GAME JAM, has certainly taken quite a bit of work to set up. This game jam was completed quite a bit differently than my previous game jams. Normally my game jams are unranked and I would only include games that I enjoyed on my website (or I would include games that I feel needed coverage). These game jams were not working in my benefit, so I created this one which is ranked. Each entrant will be showcased on my blog (so long as I find the game appropriate), but the winner will be the first post you see and will be a featured post. This has netted me 29 entrants as of now (with one submission already). I will begin posting for the jam on the day of it's end so stay on the lookout for that!

Special thanks to Rik Oclon for helping me promote this game jam.


This is another generator, another masterpiece as well! As far as the visuals are concerned this is fantastic!
Here are some of the favorites of mine that I generated:

If you want to experience the generator yourself, go play it!