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This Month So Far.

Unfortunately, there has not been too much news in the indie game world for me to report on (I try my best not to end up covering the same things as other content creators). I do have two games that I wish to showcase...both being browser based so you do not have to download anything! Truth is, I have been waiting for a few more games to come out by people I follow, and none I have taken interest to besides these two have come out!7.0.3
The first game I would like to showcase is "Full Moon Coffee."

Full Moon Coffee by watabou
This is a short little point and click adventure game with comedic elements. I love the ending, it is something you have to play for yourself!
The next game that I would like to showcase is called "Tenko's Story RPG- No Travel Game Jam."
Tenko's Story RPG - No Travel Game Jam - by LVGames
This is a great little adventure game. The game itself is supposed to be more fleshed out in the future, if you click the above link you can also find thei…

All Entries To My Recent Game Jam

This is a list of all the entries to my game jam! Voting closes at 11:59 pm, Eastern (so you still can vote by clicking on the widget to the game you like and following the instructions). Not all entries are finished and whatnot but they're still quality! Without further hesitation, I present all the amazing entries. Thanks to anyone and everyone that helped with this game jam!

Although this is described as a "proof of concept", I do love the concept that is shown and wish to see this game push further. Good luck!

Like mostly every game in this game jam, this game is still being worked on. With that said, this is another solid entry with as good of a chance as anyone. Good luck!

Pretty interesting game. It is funny if you understand it, in order to do this you should look at and translate the source material from Polish. Good luck!

Try and get more questions right than wrong! Great game that is educational. I did not fact check everything about this game, but I did get some right and wrong. Good luck!

I truly did enjoy this game! I think it was presented nicely and think it excels in many areas. Good luck!

This is a fun game, I think it really emphasizes the adventure aspect while still remaining appropriate as well. Good luck!

There a few entries that were so great I am at a loss for word, this may be one. Good luck!

A great game, I believe this was the first entry as well so it was made in incredible time too. Good luck!

This game was pretty awesome. No other words are required, just play the game and you'll enjoy it. Good luck!

This game just felt right. Not sure but I somehow remember being trapped in a library looking for books...maybe in college. Good luck!

Is this a game, or a program? How about both? It is a Python file but it is very vast and well-rounded. Good luck!

Not too shabby. Cheery art style and honestly, something about this game put me in a better mood. Good luck!


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