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This Month So Far.

Unfortunately, there has not been too much news in the indie game world for me to report on (I try my best not to end up covering the same things as other content creators). I do have two games that I wish to showcase...both being browser based so you do not have to download anything! Truth is, I have been waiting for a few more games to come out by people I follow, and none I have taken interest to besides these two have come out!7.0.3
The first game I would like to showcase is "Full Moon Coffee."

Full Moon Coffee by watabou
This is a short little point and click adventure game with comedic elements. I love the ending, it is something you have to play for yourself!
The next game that I would like to showcase is called "Tenko's Story RPG- No Travel Game Jam."
Tenko's Story RPG - No Travel Game Jam - by LVGames
This is a great little adventure game. The game itself is supposed to be more fleshed out in the future, if you click the above link you can also find thei…

As My Game Jam Concludes, Three Winners Emerge.

As this was my first ranked game jam, I am very impressed with the results! Every game in the jam was so great, and the quality of every submission was very apparent. All the developers clearly put a lot of effort in their games; which made choosing select games above others that much more difficult... Here is the rundown of the results.

Overall we had three winners in four separate categories. The winner of the primary category, adventure feel, was Hide and Seek:

I like to consider this game the "winner among winner". The reasoning behind that description is that this game won first place in the jam's primary criteria. I got a chance to speak with the developer and interview her, and here is some of what was said, note that any questions were from me and she provided the responses.

1. Why did you decide to develop games?

"I've played games since I was a kid and have always wanted to make them. I was often discouraged in the past from making games. Last September, I started taking my desire to make games seriously. Hide and Seek is my first published game, so I'm very happy with the response and everyone's kindness!"

2. What was the inspiration for your game?

"Several people who have played it have compared it to Alice in Wonderland, which I think is a fair comparison. I wasn't necessarily thinking of Alice in Wonderland while I was making Hide and Seek, but inspiration can be subconscious. Aside from that, my inspirations were the theme, the deadline, and the consequence of not submitting (disappointment). I've wanted to submit to a game jam for about as long as I've been making games, so that was a motivator as well."

3. What would you say the strong points of your game are?

"I had the most fun writing the dialogue for the rabbit. I hope that is something that stands out to players because I had a blast writing it. Also, I think the game has layers that make the player wonder more about the story of this other land that Jenny was transported to. I cut out some bits of lore because I wanted to have a complete game for the jam, t but I may make a follow-up game or expanded version in the future!"

My thoughts on this game is that it was perfect for the type of game jam this was. For example, this game was not overly long, was free, and has an adventure feel to it. I encourage further development of this game, as the game shines with potential. Great job!

The next winner of my game jam was none other than The Quiz. This game submitted in a relatively short period of time, which may make it just as surprising that this game received first place for two distinct categories! These categories were overall game quality and creativity. The developer of the game is very busy, understandably, as most game developers are (more so if they have another job). With this said, the dev. was very thankful to me, and I am also thankful to him for creating this game.

Another huge component of my game jam was the text based aspect. Conveyment of Story Through Text was the specific name of the category in which the next game won. All games truly did an excellent job in this category, but the public's' voting, aided by me, shows that this game did it the best!


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