Running Chambers: How Fast can YOU Run?

What makes speed running even better? Put your virtual life on the line and you have all the excitement you need in a game! Weave through traps, dodge obstacles and use your speed to your advantage so you can become the world's best! Oh, did I mention that you are timed through this? This is Running Chambers.

Better yet, check out the game's website:

Running Chambers is a fast-paced first person speed-runner where the only way to survive is to complete the chambers before time runs out...or anything kills you. It's a game where the main focus is speed and fast reaction. Every chamber is designed to train the player to achieve mastery.


A team of college students who funded their own studio: Ape Republic Studios​.

Follow them on Twitter @ApeRepublic or Instagram @aperepublicstudios

Release date:



PC (Windows)

Running Chambers | Pre-Alpha Gameplay - Indie DB

Keep this game on your radar, I think it is a great concept and will blossom into a great game!


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