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TOWER of HANOI - Free Online Browser Based HTML5 Game

TOWER of HANOI - Free Online Browser Based HTML5 Game: The objective of the puzzle is to move the entire stack to another rod.Only one disk can be moved at a time.No larger disk may be placed on top of a smaller disk. Enjoy.

FARA in 2019: Still Great

FARA is still here and also still great. If you don't believe me you can try the game out.

If you can you should also join their discord server, i'm in it and I recommend it.

Our Year in Review 2018-2019

I'm four days late, but I got caught up in a few things as so often happens. This is gonna take me a very very long time, but I will review a selection of games that I have included in this blog in 2018-2019. I won't include every game or that would consist of a blog post that is too lengthy. So, let's go!

*Note that some of the games are not yet released and not all games are free.

1.) Xander the Monster Morpher: Universe Breaker
2.) Emberlight
3.) Dangerous Extreme Golfing
4.) Retro Space Ball
5.)Tree Top
6.) Late Summer Sketch
If you want a bigger list just look into all of the blog's different posts.

Xander the Monster Morpher: Universe Breaker

A new game on the scene, and this has the looks of a good one! Xander the Monster Morpher: Universe Breaker is set to release on August Second. I was given the privilege to test out the game so I could relay the information to all of you! The game will take you on an action packed adventure jam packed with excellent gameplay.  The game trailer would describe the game better than I could! If you like adventure games, you better check this title out.

You can wishlist this game on Steam in preparation for the release date, alternatively you can go through As with all games, it is encouraged to support the developer, especially if you want more!


Let me just say this about the game: This one of the best indie titles I have played thus far.

Now that I got that off my chest, let me get to some basics of the gameplay. You are a knight of the Ember order and you must decide what is good and evil. This game is a dungeon crawler roguelike where you explore procedurally generated dungeons. You start off with some abilities as you start the quest, and then you can make a few transactions in town and you're off!

Each enemy that you encounter has a unique set of abilities that you may learn after defeating said enemy. There is one important thing you absolutely must be aware of: Some abilities you learn are Ember powers. These powers are very unstable and corrupt your character, so be careful when deciding to equip and utilize Ember powers.

This game is currently in a pre-release state, although the release is scheduled for August 13th. You can wishlist the game on Steam if you are as excited as I am! The game also has a fantastic

Time for Some Extreme Golf.

I think this game is outstanding even though I'm not very great at it. Love the visuals, the soundtrack and the gameplay mechanics!


Hello everyone, I hope you are enjoying your day! Today I have a promising game to showcase to all of you. This game is in a early development stage so be warned that it will naturally contain bugs and glitches until the final release which is confirmed to be sometime in 2020 (which is relatively near). The developer gave me a key for the closed pre-alpha of the game, which I am beyond grateful for. Unfortunately, the game is not in a stage where it is ready to release, but you can always put the game on your steam wishlist, follow the developer on one of her many social media accounts or bookmark the webpage for the game! In addition to a game key for personal use, she also gave me plenty of press resources to share with all of you! So, without further delay, allow us to delve into the details of the game:

Developer Provided Write-up on Her Game "CreatorCrate: Reproduce your way to freedom A 2.5D physics platformer on a procedurally generated space station".

“CreatorCrate tak…

Game, Games and More Games

Very entertaining browser game. It is enjoyable for many reasons! For one, it gets difficult as I believe puzzle games should be, but not impossible. I am happy to add this game to my collection  😁😁😁

More on Retro Spaceball (RSB)

RSB is a quality game from a fantastic developer. The developer has been working with me in order to make sure I get all the right information to everyone! This is great because it makes my job a whole lot easier so I can get you guys what I intend on!

Today I have some screenshots from RSB and thank you to the developer for providing them!

Just Stumbled Across a Great New Title!

I got this photo from the game's page, so I do not claim this image.

I found a brand new game today! Retro space ball. I'll be sure to link the game. I got a chance to speak with the developer and he gave me a great insider's perspective so here you go:

"I grew up playing video games with a strong interest in breaking/hacking games and exploiting glitches. Before college I had already started producing audio and animating 2D art digitally, and had a very good handle on fine art. I studied 3D art at The American Academy of Art in Chicago, commuting by train, but graduated shortly after the 2008 recession and could not get hired in the field. I taught myself to program, along with many other aspects of game development. I spent over ten years prototyping and learning, all while living in a somewhat rustic and dilapidated cottage in the woods with very limited internet access. Since I could only use 200 MB a day before being throttled to below dial-up speeds, I would tra…

My Friend Made a Sonic Video

My friend just made a Sonic video so check it out! I'm proud of her!!

Also, please follow her on Tumblr and Instagram: @thatcrazysonicchick


Pretty great concept executed well! Game gets challenging in later levels but not to the point where you want to not play.

Pixi Planet Protector - Free Online Browser Based HTML5 Game

Pixi Planet Protector - Free Online Browser Based HTML5 Game: Your objective is to protect your planet and destroy all enemies that you can .
Keyboard controls:Left and Right move the spaceship Touch controls:Touch Left and Right screen for move the spaceship.

Part 2 of My Big Post

I should really just quit it with the overly formal titles of the posts, it just makes me feel odd. Anyway, I have three great games for you today and they are all browser based, AKA FREE (not saying you are not allowed to support the devs because if you can you should).
The first game I have for you guys is right up my alley! You all know I love all music (being a musician myself). With this being said, this game shows you just how hard it really is to be a musician that street performs! How long will you last? 
Secondly, we all know how fond I am of generators (hence why this dev has been seen on my blog before). This is a great generator that creates all different kinds of locomotives with colouring, shading, tinting and more! Here are some of my fav…