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Creator Crate: Game Update!

A post I did a while back detailed this game in an earlier stage of development. The game itself is about an experimental 3d printer (you!) that is able to throw objects, grab them and use their matter. You are doing all of this while humans are trying to hunt you down and will exhaust any technique possible to do so. This can be deploying gadgets as well as making use of various other surprises!

Creator Crate has recently released a new PC demo on Steam, and I think you will be impressed. You can also wish list the game on Steam, and doing so would be something I recommend.

CreatorCrate on Steam CreatorCrate is a roguelike 2D platformer about an escaped appliance that can eat and reproduce items. In the game, you make, throw, and manipulate physics objects to overcome challenges and survive. You must fight or evade intelligent humans and robots that are trying to track you down.

Xander the Monster Morpher: Universe Breaker

A new game on the scene, and this has the looks of a good one! Xander the Monster Morpher: Universe Breaker is set to release on August Second. I was given the privilege to test out the game so I could relay the information to all of you! The game will take you on an action packed adventure jam packed with excellent gameplay.  The game trailer would describe the game better than I could! If you like adventure games, you better check this title out.

You can wishlist this game on Steam in preparation for the release date, alternatively you can go through itch.io. As with all games, it is encouraged to support the developer, especially if you want more!


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