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Will Be Back Soon!

Due to the recent outbreak, and now pandemic, of this Corona-virus, I am essentially forced to stay home as I am immuno-compromised. You would think that this would give me plenty of time to write posts on this website but at this moment I would rather spend my time with family. I hope you all do understand and also are staying safe! I will include a short informational video on ways to prevent the spread of this virus and what exactly the virus is.

Part 2 of My Big Post

I should really just quit it with the overly formal titles of the posts, it just makes me feel odd. Anyway, I have three great games for you today and they are all browser based, AKA FREE (not saying you are not allowed to support the devs because if you can you should).
The first game I have for you guys is right up my alley! You all know I love all music (being a musician myself). With this being said, this game shows you just how hard it really is to be a musician that street performs! How long will you last? 

Secondly, we all know how fond I am of generators (hence why this dev has been seen on my blog before). This is a great generator that creates all different kinds of locomotives with colouring, shading, tinting and more! Here are some of my favorite creations:

This third game is one I find extremely entertaining, and the fact that it was made in so little time adds to how impressive it is. Enjoy this neat little game!


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