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DVOIKA - Free Online Browser Based HTML5 Game

DVOIKA - Free Online Browser Based HTML5 Game: Game control with arrow keys and touch pad.

A fun challenge.  The game is hard but not too hard.

Meteors - Free Online Browser Based HTML5 Game

Meteors - Free Online Browser Based HTML5 Game: Meteors is a clone of the classic Asteroids, just with more colour and lots more asteroids! Updated: v1.01- Added rotations to all of the asteroids- Reduced thrust speed of space craft

Enjoy the game and remember to follow the blog for more! (Although I would be playing most of these game anyhow).


My new game jam!


So, everyone, my first game jam went well... I received a quality submission and I also talk with dev of the game on a regular basis. In fact, just because he has been a good friend, here is the link to the game yet again!

Stay tuned for my next game jam which will likely be more of a freestyle then a specific theme! Also, remember to follow the blog if you enjoy the content.

Update on My Game jam

So I have two participants yet to submit anything for my game jam. Thee good news is that they have nearly 2 days left, so I have faith they will submit! I would still say that my one submission is a great turnout, especially for a first timer!

Reaction - Free Online Browser Based HTML5 Game

Reaction - Free Online Browser Based HTML5 Game: NOW ON GOOGLE PLAY A fully responsive reaction game with 3 different intensities. You must click the squares as fast as you can. If you're too slow...its game over!

I suppose I can post this knowing that it is a game that helps with motor planning, so let your occupational therapists know this game exists! Lol.

Ok Then

BIG NEWS I put a brand new donation link into the blog (and before I get comments saying I am greedy) I'll have you all know any game I post, I pay for when I can. These donations are meant to help me pay for all of these games (as opposed to paying for games only when I can afford it).

ALSO  I recently was given an offer to work on a game I blogged about (Cipher's Room) as a writer. I plan on fulfilling my duties and I will keep you all updated.

Minimal Tower Defense - Free Online Browser Based HTML5 Game

Minimal Tower Defense - Free Online Browser Based HTML5 Game:  Minimal Tower Defense is a tower defense game (duh) where you try to defeat waves of Blobs before they reach your tower. Of course, its less of a tower and more of a square on the right side of the screen, but the idea stands.

It is in the title "minimal" but I am sure even this took tons of time to create, making games is not easy.

My Recent Interview With the Developer of Cipher's Room

You guys probably all saw the post I excitedly wrote about the first submission for a game jam made for this blog.  Well, I just recently was able to interview the developer of this game, and here is what he said:
"I’ve always had a passion for game development and programming in general. Cipher's room basically came from just an idea that I had for a mystery game, and I originally expanded on it and then started working with a team to create it, but the idea got too twisted so I ended up leaving and working on it on my own. I just wanted to create an interesting game with a story behind it for people to enjoy. I eventually hope to continue the game to the point of completion and actually get it up on steam."
I certainly hope that this game becomes completed, and I would love to be able to purchase the game on steam. For those who do not have the game already I say that you should have supported the developer a while ago but there is still time!


This is a great game, and I enjoyed playing it.

Thomas Fabre did the art, and Maximilien Gabillard
did the programming and music.

This game was aesthetically pleasing in every way, you can definitely tell a lot of time was spent on this game.

Good Game Jam so Far

This was the very first submission for a game jam hosted for this blog! I have to say I love it. At the moment the game is still being developed (updated today actually), but that is even more reason to show this developer some love! I plan on interviewing this developer and that is still pending (i'm sure he is super busy so he is in no rush) I just was excited to post this right away.

Mine Rails Rush - Free Online Browser Based HTML5 Game

Mine Rails Rush - Free Online Browser Based HTML5 Game: Guide the carts that come from the mine, across the railroad, make all the rail changes to safely take the minerals to their respective factories.Tap on the rail crossings to change the carts direction, be quick, the carts will increase its number and speed along the way.

CUBE TILT - Free Online Browser Based HTML5 Game


Fun game and addicting, my only problem is that my high score was not very high!

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Play Big Shot Boxing

Electric Space Cage - Free Online Browser Based HTML5 Game

Electric Space Cage - Free Online Browser Based HTML5 Game: A one touch space dodge game. Use the left mouse button and move the ship to dodge the incoming electric orbs and avoid the electric beams on the sides. Collect currency to purchase a new ship from the in game store. Collect the hour glass rewards to slow time and avoid.

After all is said and done you might need a new mouse.


Guys, I have decided to start a game jam in order to aid with new submissions.  It isn't a very long jam so join while you can! Depending on how it goes I will continue! In the mean time I will still post various games.

Great Metal Detecting Simulator Made by Up and Coming Developer

Ben Wiest is a 16 year old aspiring game developer from Wisconsin. Ben sure did good with this game, and I would like to see more from him. The game I am talking about is a game made by Ben called "Detector Island: A Metal Detecting Game".

(Here is a handy link): 

As I played this game there were a few aspects that I were most impressed with. For one, being able to purchase metal detector upgrades and skins with points was a great idea! Second, and this may just be a personal thing, exploring the terrain of the map was so enjoyable, especially climbing.

I got to speak with Ben, and learned some about him and his motivation for the game, this is what I learned:

"I started working on Detector Island after coming up with the idea to make a metal detecting game, with it being snowy outside and not being able to go detecting in real life, as it’s a fun pass time of mine. It’s my second ever game and I’m pretty proud of how it turned out, it was a good 7 months of working on it…


If you would like your game featured on this blog, just send my google account a message and I will try and get back to ya!!😁😎🙂

Galactic Wars - Free Online Browser Based HTML5 Game

Galactic Wars - Free Online Browser Based HTML5 Game: PREPARE YOURSELF FOR THE FINAL 8BIT SPACE BATTLE.A whole fleet of aliens ships are arriving all over from Multiverse to destroy the human race. You are the chosen pilot to face them, aboard the last ship, a little hope for the human kind!

I love this website and it is quickly becoming a favorite of mine, mostly because it spotlights indie developers and they deserve credit! (For the game your fire button is C btw).


I'm not gonna kid you, I failed to get all the coins come the end off this game, maybe you can do better?

Play  Llamas in Distress (Enjoy the silly enjoyment this game brings, and why not tell me about how you did in the comments?)

My top 3 websites for flash games have always been either Addicting Games, Miniclip or Kongregate. I have always found flash games to be a source of enjoyment and the games from these sites have helped me understand this (along with other websites of course).

The next game is one that everyone of my friends have played at least once: (I see that the players sometimes don't work, so to play just click the link!).

Run 3

Helicopter Airwar - Free Online Browser Based HTML5 Game

Helicopter Airwar - Free Online Browser Based HTML5 Game: Pilot a modern attack helicopter to fight enemy forces consisting of similar tactical assault war choppers. Fly strategic flight paths to evade enemy rockets. Experience the joy and excitement of aerial combat with spectacular explosions, cannons, rockets and firepower.

 This game is not perfect by any means (then again it could be an emerging developer and probably is). This game was entertaining and I am curious to see how others enjoy it!

My high score was 16,500, what was yours?

Hello everyone.

Hello everyone, I have decided to make this blog for free online games ( and that is it). I will avoid posting about my personal life, or at least try. My hope is that you all will enjoy this blog for what is, and I am hoping you guys do come back! Also, please be aware of the use of cookies from google and it's partners, additionally I may include some amazon adverts with my blog posts. This blog is intended for persons 13 and up.

As I was in elementary school, I remember I used to adore the many small flash games on the internet. Playing these games for the first time in a few year I noticed that the games have changed A LOT! The best way to see this is to play the game for yourself...........

I must warn you, when playing this game I find it very frustrating as the levels get harder. Each time I fail I dread the fact that I must start over again.
Play Bloxorz Play Bloxorz / More Puzzle games
Also be aware the use of cookies on the websites some games are found. As always, l…