My Recent Interview With the Developer of Cipher's Room

You guys probably all saw the post I excitedly wrote about the first submission for a game jam made for this blog. 
Well, I just recently was able to interview the developer of this game, and here is what he said:

"I’ve always had a passion for game development and programming in general. Cipher's room basically came from just an idea that I had for a mystery game, and I originally expanded on it and then started working with a team to create it, but the idea got too twisted so I ended up leaving and working on it on my own. I just wanted to create an interesting game with a story behind it for people to enjoy. I eventually hope to continue the game to the point of completion and actually get it up on steam."

I certainly hope that this game becomes completed, and I would love to be able to purchase the game on steam. For those who do not have the game already I say that you should have supported the developer a while ago but there is still time!

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