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I'm not gonna kid you, I failed to get all the coins come the end off this game, maybe you can do better?

Play  Llamas in Distress (Enjoy the silly enjoyment this game brings, and why not tell me about how you did in the comments?)

My top 3 websites for flash games have always been either Addicting Games, Miniclip or Kongregate. I have always found flash games to be a source of enjoyment and the games from these sites have helped me understand this (along with other websites of course).

The next game is one that everyone of my friends have played at least once: (I see that the players sometimes don't work, so to play just click the link!).


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I hope we are all doing well.

As you all should know by now, I am constantly on the hunt for new content to post and developers to interview. Unfortunately, in the past many developers are too busy developing their games to talk with me, but that all changes today.

I am a member of a Facebook page where developers show and test their creations, and I happened upon a hidden gem. This is an indie game (my favorite!) by none other than Mugiesshan Anandarajah. The game I am talking about is titled "Street Grudge", a game based on the fighting system of Muay Thai. I have a statement prepared by Mugiesshan, and here it is:

"This game is a 2D side-scrolling combat game with a parkour feature which you can use to leverage your environment to deliver attacks and dodge attacks. The inspiration behind this game is actually based on a 3rd story idea I'm working on, so this game in a way is actually a prototype of something bigger. One of the key things about this game is the parkour feature using your back…