Hello everyone.

     Hello everyone, I have decided to make this blog for free online games ( and that is it). I will avoid posting about my personal life, or at least try. My hope is that you all will enjoy this blog for what is, and I am hoping you guys do come back! Also, please be aware of the use of cookies from google and it's partners, additionally I may include some amazon adverts with my blog posts. This blog is intended for persons 13 and up.

What better way to start off this inaugural post then with a free game!?

As I was in elementary school, I remember I used to adore this game. Playing this game for the first time in a few year I noticed that this game has changed A LOT! The best way to see this is to play the game for yourself...........

I must warn you, when playing this game I find it very frustrating as the levels get harder. Each time I fail I dread the fact that I must start over again.

Also be aware the use of cookies on the websites some games are found. As always, let me know how you did in the comments!


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