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Sydney Shark

 Use affiliate link to subscribe: Humble Bundle ! Sydney Shark is a dated yet extremely fun Flash game about being a blood thirsty shark in a city full of mayhem and chaos. You can play the game right in your browser and I will embed the game right in this post!

Prado Circle: A Daily RPG for Healthy Living

 Visit Humble Bundle using my affiliate link! Today I want to talk about a mobile game, Prado Circle. This is a RPG that promotes healthy habits through exercise, sleep and more! As of now the game is available for IOS and there is also an open beta in the works for the Google Play Store. I love the art style of the game and it motivates me to work out just a little harder knowing that my progress in the game is determined by my life progress. Check this post further to see my screenshots as well as a relevant Reddit post. Happy gaming everyone!

A Nice Customizable Experience With Tons of Features

This post is brought to you by Humble Bundle . Utilize my affiliate link to check out their amazing selection! Gacha Club Studio Released by Lunime in July of 2020, Gacha Club studio has been around for quite some time now yet still can be very fun. You can get it for Windows and also Android! For me the amount of customization in this game is really what makes it a winner. As you can see I had fun customizing my characters. This game also features a battle game mode, multiple mini games and much more you are sure to love! Gacha Club Studio by Lunime

Cozy and Casual Games

I have a few nifty games for you today, as per usual this post is brought to you by Humble Bundle . Humble Bundle is a great place to score high quality games while also contributing to charity. Humble Bundle has really evolved since I began using the service and includes so much more! So feel free to check it out using my affiliate links. Plant Daddy Plant Daddy is a neat cozy game that is very feature rich all things considered. If you guessed that this game involves you growing plants then you would be correct but there are a couple more aspects that make this game even cozier! Plant do take time to grow so this is a perfect game to run in the background and the peaceful nature sounds further that point. As you can see in my screenshots, there is quite a bit of player progression. You can even exit the game and it will automatically save your progress. The game has very humble beginnings although the plants that you can acquire have amazing variety to them. So far all of my plants a

Medieval Fantasy City Generator

Hello everyone, it feels like the last time I posted was forever ago! Mostly because it has been. Anyway, since this is my first post in quite a while I figure I should cover one of my favorite creators and a newly updated generator of theirs. Before I get into the details, this post is brought to you by Humble Bundle  which is an amazing platform that I have personally used in order to get great games at a reasonable price and also contribute to charity! I was very excited when I logged back into my account and saw that watabou had recently updated Medieval Fantasy City Generator! If you are unfamiliar with this application is is exactly what the title says. This really is a great tool for creators to conjure up fantastic medieval style cities with tons of features. I have followed watabou for quite sometime and I have covered quite a few of his other generators and they are also worth checking out. I will include some examples of cities that I have created: Not all cities ma

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