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Unreal World

Use my affiliate link for your next order at Humble Bundle! I am quite honestly surprised I had not posted about this game sooner! This has consistently been one of my favorite games of all time. I highly encourage everyone to buy this amazing game. 

Sinneh: Minecraft Pro

 Subscribe to Humble Bundle using my affiliate link! I have posted about my good friend Sinneh before and she is back at it with her Minecraft antics! I am glad I have her because I could never create structures like this! Take a look at this glorious masterpiece of a windmill! Sinneh is so amazing at building that I really am at a loss for words! Feel free to say hello to us in our Discord community as well.


 Subscribe to Humble Bundle with my affiliate link! I normally do not review physical games but after today I might. Risk/Reward is a very simplistic physical game that can be played easily. The rules could be modified to fit any play style or genre!  Risk/Reward by Copperspont Games

Labor Power

  Visit Humble Bundle using my affiliate link. Labor Power is an entertaining browser game with a groovy soundtrack and aesthetic. The game has a solid game play loop about forming a strike to break away from your oppressive job!           Labor Power by FeatureKreep

Once Upon a Dungeon II

 Use my affiliate link to join Humble Bundle ! Once Upon a Dungeon II is a traditional roguelike with a scent of Slavic mythology as well. The game is an overall entertaining experience with tons of engaging features. A major component that I thoroughly enjoyed was the voice acting in this game. This game is generally a better play with it and I believe that adding it was the right choice. It is incredibly difficult to get bored with this game considering the multitude of unique loot which I know players will love. On top of this the dungeons are random so you never fully know what to expect. The first time playing this game it may appear daunting although the hints system does a great job at explaining the game's mechanics. Additionally, taking on quests has always helped me learn gameplay mechanics. My first run I made a mage focused on defense and had tons of fun until my demise.  I encourage you to play this game for yourself, a link to the game on Steam will be provided as wel

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