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 Got to try a brand new game today that is very entertaining. The title of the game in question is HUNTERS. HUNTERS is a game about leading a ragtag group of salvagers through a cargo ship infested with enemies. There is also a puzzle element to the game. This game has many secrets, so don't expect me to give away any! Enjoy the game for yourself and find all those secrets on your own. 😛😛 HUNTERS by hwilson


 I am back after my prolonged break of nothing! I have a brand new game for you guys to try and it is an enjoyable one!  My only potential issue with the game is that the controls are a little unconventional...but that is easy to get over! Porklike by Krystman


 Ruin is a Sci-fi Sandbox MMORPG set in distant worlds. Please note that the game is very early in development, although does receive frequent updates. This is an indie game which I find amazing due to the fact that even in the game's current state it is massive. Here are a few screenshots as examples: WHAT TO EXPECT: While in development the game will receive weekly updates that players can test such as new abilities, a crafting system and a talent tree. New 3D models will also be added to the game. You can join the closed beta by joiining the  Ruin Discord , hope to see you there!


 Ruinarch is an extremely entertaining evil overlord simulator. Ruinarch is extremely addicting to me as the possibilities are essentially endless as to how you can turn each villagers life into a nightmare. At first the gameplay seems tooo simple, but you will learn things about the game that can completely change how you play. Ruinarch on Steam

Black History Month Quiz Game

 I have been extremely busy as of late an I am about a month behind, of course. I still have the same love for games though so no worries there! Here is a quiz game that covers black history. The game was for black history month buuuuuuuuuut yeah, enjoy the quiz anyway! Black History Month Jam 2023 Quiz Game by sketche99

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