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Daily Racer

 Daily Race is a fun arcadey racing game for IOS. The game has plenty of awesome features to let you beat out other players from around the world and get the fastest time on a track! I hope you try this game for yourself.

Ricky Recharge

 Ricky Recharge is a fun game you can find on Steam for $10.00 USD.  Ricky Recharge is a fast paced arcade shooter. Your goal is to get the highest score possible and there are a few mechanics that can help maximize your score… Enjoy! 

The Adventures of Purple Brick Rick

 Entertaining procedural platformer! Not a whole lot to say other than it is fun and I hope you enjoy. The Adventures of Purple Brick Rick by cark

Gleipnir Collector.

 Straight forward game with a quick story to follow. There is an added benefit knowing about Gleipnir, enjoy! Gleipnir Collector by merkark

Home by the River

  Home by the River is a game where the player is able to transform a polluted world into a beautiful utopia. The game has single player as well as LAN multiplayer for solo adventures or those with friends! The gameplay itself is fairly lighthearted yet the game is also in-depth enough to allow the player to build masterful creations. This game is set to be out in 4 weeks so check it out! WEBSITE                                                 HBTR ON INDIE DB                                             HBTR ON STEAM HBTR Discord! HBTR Demo - | Build | Farm | Harvest | Clean Pollution | by Gamer To Game Developer Follow @looqmaan_GTGD

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