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 This game is extremely entertaining (and possibly OCD inducing). Try the game out for yourself, I am sure you will like it. As always, enjoy the game. CEV-1 by sirknightj, Froast, vishaldev


" SSSPICY!" is a rather entertaining puzzle game. The game offers a very interesting take on the puzzle genre, a genre where games often get repetitive. Enjoy! SSSPICY! by torcado

We See You.

 We See You is a rhythm based down-scrolling runner. One thing I really like about this game, and there are multiple things, is that the developer manages to create a rhythm based game that is still a good way. I imagine that it would be pretty challenging to merge a horror game alongside a runner game... and still make the whole thing rhythm based of course! Feel free to check out this game and wish list it as it comes out soon, on August 19th. We See You on Steam: Follow @FriendlyMuffin2

Possess Quest Demo!

 I have a few things planned for this week(if I get them done is an entirely different story)! I tested the Possess Quest Demo today and although this is only an early demo, I find the concept very intriguing. I can see how the game eventually would require players to strategize in order to complete a level. Enjoy! Demo:     Save 80% on select product(s) with promo code 80XK5ANU on

There are Two Things

I don't really want to give much away about this game. You can check it out if you like although it will only work for Jakob. There Are Two Things by webagent

Beat Stickman: Beyond

 Beat Stickman: Beyond (BSB) is a clicker game that will be releasing on PC and Xbox. I played the demo for the full game and one should expect the demo to be a little different then the full game although I found it entertaining. For me, a clicker game must be challenging in order to engage me and BSB is just that! Just from the intro from the game, one could tell right away that the developer of this game put tons of work into it. Underneath this post I will also include my interview with the developer, which is much more in depth. I will also include links so you can also access the demo and follow the game on social media. Steam Link: Website:

Random Steam Key 1

 I have a much more detailed post for a bigger game in the works, so in the meantime I figured I should get a random Steam key so I have something to talk about! The game I got was Brave Doggy Quest and I find it very fun for a 2d platformer...which admittedly is NOT my favorite genre. Feel free to check out the game!,and%20put%20things%20in%20order!

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