Beat Stickman: Beyond

 Beat Stickman: Beyond (BSB) is a clicker game that will be releasing on PC and Xbox. I played the demo for the full game and one should expect the demo to be a little different then the full game although I found it entertaining. For me, a clicker game must be challenging in order to engage me and BSB is just that! Just from the intro from the game, one could tell right away that the developer of this game put tons of work into it. Underneath this post I will also include my interview with the developer, which is much more in depth. I will also include links so you can also access the demo and follow the game on social media. Steam Link: Website:

Random Steam Key 1

 I have a much more detailed post for a bigger game in the works, so in the meantime I figured I should get a random Steam key so I have something to talk about! The game I got was Brave Doggy Quest and I find it very fun for a 2d platformer...which admittedly is NOT my favorite genre. Feel free to check out the game!,and%20put%20things%20in%20order!

Update: Final Encore

You may have seen my recent post about Final Encore. Well, Final Encore just got an update so why not try the game?! When I first tried the game, the potential was there but you could see some more development was needed. This developer excels at doing work though and now we have a shiny updated game! If you would also like to talk with the developer, join the Discord linked below...Enjoy! Discord: Final Encore by Verburner

Ultimate Tic Tac Toe

 Fun and challenging new take on a classic game! This takes a while to get used to but I find it fun. Ultimate Tic-tac-toe: New Rules by Skeptim


 I got this game yesterday and gosh is it addicting! The advertised playtime can easily be multiplied. I enjoy building a collection of cards that are organized in a way that depicts a village in real life. Give it a try! Stacklands by Sokpop Collective

Final Encore

 Final Encore is a proof of concept type of game at the moment but it is still very enjoyable. It is fun to see how long your party can last. I got to level 22 in about 20 minutes my first run. Enjoy! Final Encore by Verburner

Tenko Magical Sword Quest

 Yet another game in a phenomenal series... my last post was actually about the previous game! Anyhow, I would certainly give this game a try, especially if you are into speed running. Enjoy! Tenko's Magical Sword Quest by LVGames