Tenko Towers

 This is a simple turret defense game...enjoy! The game does seem to lag for me, although my cpu is very old! Tenko Towers Turret Defense by LVGames

Magnet Madness!

 This game may seem fairly simple to start but this game becomes more challenging the more success you have. I love this game, I absolutely treasure the concept of fighting a magnetic field that you have the ability to control.  Magnet Madness! by XRNZ

Critical Mass

 This is getting very old but I still find a lot of enjoyment in this. Even though this game was made as just a test, its till has better quality than a lot of games! Critical Mass by Devoga

Bumpers and Broadswords

 I enjoy this game! In fact, I liked it so much that I added it to my Steam library. The concept of the game is simple enough but done in a way that repels boredom.  BUMPERS & BROADSWORDS by hwilson


 I never make posts at night...well almost never. Anyway, Tetro-Cleaner is a game that simply put is about saving a bad player's butt. Enjoy! Tetro-Cleaner by daniFM

Fall Dude

 I am glad I gave this game a chance! I love this game and find it very entertaining. Sure when you get down to things, similar games have existed but this game finds a way to make it unique! One way do they do that is by the in game unlockables. Try the game for yourself! Fall Dude by Bitten Toast Games


 Takbo, which translates too running in Filipino, is a simple puzzle game that can get extremely difficult. It is a game that would be given much more justice if you were to play it than if I were to describe it. The main goal is to go as long as possible. Good luck! Takbo by crass_sandwich