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#Save The Elephants (game)

 The game is about exactly what you would think, saving elephants. The game also includes a little humor. #SaveTheElephants by XRNZ

Back at It!

 It has been a while since I had tried monetizing this blog with affiliate links from Amazon. They gave me mixed results last time but I mine as well try again! Anyway, most of the people that view this blog are interested in gaming...I think, so check out this product! It will help keep this blog alive and I hope it helps you as well.

Ghost Run

 Ghost Run is a fun side scrolling game made for Android. A lot of these types of games are similar so the fact that you have multiple obstacles that move horizontally is something I really enjoy. Also, it might be me but I really like the jingle looping in the game although after 20 minutes it can be a repetitive audio loop for sure...which is why the setting allow you to turn the music off! Check the game out at this link: Ghost Run

Kisnard Online

Kisnard online is a 2D fantasy/medieval mmorpg developed by Jay Avondoglio as a tribute to Dransik. A great thing about Kisnard online is that it is free! You will have to make an account and download the game in order to play, but it is a very plesant experience! The game itself has been around for quite a while but there is still a community around the game. I am really impressed with the quality of the game so I encourage you to try Kisnard Online today!


       Today we are gonna talk about Mongrel! I don't know what else you expected actually, the title is Mongrel. Anyway, Mongrel is a game that's difficult to describe with word. In short,, there's poops and demon babies that are from an ancient race. Oh and there is also a toilet that you will have to see for yourself what it is for. It probably goes without saying that this game is not for all ages, but it is funny...and fun!     If this sounds like the game for you, here are some links for more info!     Steam:     Discord:       Twitter:  @fischmell

Planet pt. 2: Media

 So, I do have even more content on Planets as promised. I had asked the developer for some images showcasing the planet generation and they were kind enough to oblige. They did send a lot but that's good for the cause. HERE WE GO!

Project Remembrance

Today's post is about Project Remembrance. Project Remembrance is a work in progress title for an open world co-op RPG set in a world inspired by Kingdom Come: Deliverance and Skyrim.  The game is focused on high intensity combat, which is inspired from Chivalry & Mordhau and is still heavily under development so naturally many things could change.  Due to the very early state of this game I do not have much info about it. I do have a link to Twitch where development takes place live, enjoy! Edit: I have the Discord as well:

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