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Solitaire: Tactics.

 Tired of the same repetitive game of Solitaire? If you are, I have just the game for you. Solitaire: Tactics is a fun modification of the traditional game. This version is absolutely more challenging and adds a pleasant difficulty as opposed to simply stacking cards. Say hello to Solitaire: Tactics! I have been following this creator a while and they haven't disappointed yet, so show them some love. Solitaire: Tactics by Torreng Labs


 I rather enjoy the content put up by this school. This clearly shows that someone put a lot of work into this. I'm sure that since this is a school there was a shorter deadline than normal, things worked out well regardless and I enjoyed the game! Monster by MindX - Technology & Startup school

Cacti First impressions

 This game is a lot more difficult then I thought it would be. With a name like Cacti, I certainly expected the cute graphics, but I also expected the game to be easy. Well, it is not and for that I am pleasantly surprised.  Cacti by Torreng Labs

Gayyde: An Interview with the Developers.

 Indie Game Utopia is a gaming community I am very fond of. IGU just wrapped up their summer game jam and the winner is Ema la Yon with the entry of Gayyde! I had the enjoyable opportunity of interviewing the team. Gayyde by Ema la Yon The team of AUREXLEMANDARIN and Ema la Yon both made this game, described as a colorful platformer that uses gravity as the main mechanic. Since developers were only allowed to use a pallete consisting of colors from a pride flag, this game features a palette from lesbian pride. When asked if the game was pride based, this was Ema la Yon's answer: "I wouldn't really call it 'pride based' per say.  Although it features the lesbian pride flag as the palette, which is one of my flags and one of my prides, the game hasn't got an actual lesbian story/subtext. I would have liked to but I didn't have time to conceptualize it, especially since I lack the experience." Or simply... "hitting boxes and playing around with gra

Happy Foods!

 The disclaimer to this post is that this game is still in an early level design phase. With that said, I got to test the demo. Since it is early I didn't know how good it would be but I am fairly surprised and proud to say I enjoy it so far! The major plus I enjoyed was the physics, they make the game challenging but not too challenging. I can see how frustrating this game can be since the physics are very responsive. I heard the game gets constant updates as of now, try it out! Happy Foods by NitroAtari

Deep Down 2: Impressions.

 As a platformer, this is a fairly difficult game. Even once you get a hang of the mechanics of the game, one mistake can mess you up! Take the countless mistakes that I have made as proof of this. This is the type of game you want to keep playing though, and your eventual success feels amazing! Deep Down 2 by Nyunesu, EnriqueWR, BroduxBlue, Diemorth


 A refreshing twist on the classic game of Tetris. I can confirm that this is tremendously harder than you would first think, especially after playing for a while. Give it a try an see if you can get the highest score! Sokotetris by Torreng Labs

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