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 Great concept, executed to see it!  8.5.5 Superspreader by nothke


Snek is an extremely entertaining game in my opinion. I have a handy link to the game, the link will go through Ludum Dare as opposed to other formats I have used but that is the game jam it was made for after all!  -----------------------> Link.

Looper Cooper For the Win!

For me, the controls are a bit sensitive but over time you adapt to it and it becomes easier. The sensitive nature of the controls makes it much easier to do loops... which is really the point. With this said, this game is entertaining and I like it. Looper Cooper [LD47] by imphenzia

Akupara Games to Publish Clover Bite’s GRIME

  Not too many stellar video games have hit the market, and I have to say I believe the recent pandemic is the culprit. That said, I still have a genuine interest in video games, and I have found a game that I fancy. " Announced at IGN’s presentation of Awesome Indies during Gamescom, Akupara Games will be publishing Clover Bite’s highly anticipated soulslike metroidvania, GRIME. Clover Bite projects that GRIME will launch sometime in 2021, with Steam being the only platform announced for now, with other platforms to be announced at a later date." Check out this link for the full article by Gamasutra! Point is, this game interests me and if you also love these types of games you should also be interested too. Here is the trailer just so you know what I mean when I say that I see something great. The fact that it is rendered in 3d is enough to make me curious! 8.5.5 Check out these websites to wishlist the game on Steam and learn more about Akupara Games! https://www.akupara

SNAKE...just with more snakes!

 I absolutely love this game! Someone had made a comment essentially saying this was the original Snake just enhanced, I dare say that I agree. This concept definitely adds loads more challenge to the game. 8.5.2 SNAKE SNAKE SNAKE by Sheepolution


 Good game with a solid concept. Doesn't quite have audio yet but that doesn't make the gameplay any less. 8.5.2 Primal by Chronoware Games

Tarjeta de Feliz Cumpleanos

Mi Espanol es mal para yo, pero yo comprende el tarjeta. Es magnifico y me hace feliz. I'm really trying to not use translator so if that isn't perfect Spanish don't mind too much. What I was trying to say was that although my Spanish isn't great, I understood the card and it makes me happy! Tarjeta De Cumpleaños by RipHunter

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