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Status Update:

 The website is still here...partially! I am in college again and in order not to get too overwhelmed I am stepping back a bit from creating game jams and such for now. :D 8.3.3

Retro Space Ball

 Anyone remember this game? It is still going strong to this day and would love if you'd check it out! 8.3.0 Retro Space Ball by RikOclon

Perilous Shores

 I have been featuring watabou's generators on this blog for quite some time. Needless to say, with each creation made I am more impressed. This really is a great tool (just as the others are) and the possibilities are endless for nearly every creation watabou makes. I hope by posting this people can use this tool! 8.3.0 Perilous Shores by watabou Here is an example piece: Keep in mind that the tool is in development.

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