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Game Updates.

Things are gradually starting to pick up again among those I follow on Itch, as I knew they would... maybe I need to follow more people. ANYWAY, here is some awesome games that have recently been updated.8.0.3

Peculiar Farming - Post Jam Version by Arcus, daniel michaeloudis
When has this game NOT been updated lately?

Adventures of Yi Chapter 1 by Rail
I am helping with the writing for this game...I came somewhat later on in development so I can't be given much credit for chapter 1, but it is a cool game! Xander the Monster Morpher: Universe Breaker by Karatkuro
For the amount of content is this game, it is well worth the asking price and probably more as well.

First Impressions: Book Hunter

This game is very challenging but very interesting. Ever wonder what it would be like to have a superpower that helps you reach your goal but also drives you insane? If so, this is the game for you!

Book Hunter by watabou

Game Jam Recap: Aesthetic Safari Game Jam!

No surprise this game jam did not get more than one submission; The criteria for said submissions was very abstract. Still the game that was submitted was enjoyable!

Dream Safari by DigiDragon

Game Jam Recap: THE Superheroes and Supervillains Game Jam!

This game jam had a relatively low submission count, although the submissions were great!

Motorcycle Riding Hero by merkark
Love this game, nice and arcadey... would love to see more story!
Soni the Hedgehog by Cento®

Fun game, give it a look!

Backy by Cento®
From the makers of Soni the Hedgehog, the game is on sale for quarantine which is a very genuine thing to do!

I'm Back!!!

Hello Everyone, I'm back! Hope you're all staying safe healthy and home. It has been quite a while since I have made a substantive post (in part because of school) I figured it would be cool to show off some of the cool submissions that I have gotten! So, that should get done in about twelve or so hours.

For now, I want to talk about a game Jordan made (we should pretty much know her because she is awesome, but she develops games all the time and is an awesome artist) along with her team mates. I have been meaning to make this post and it is a little overdue!

This was a game done for a weekly game jam:
Worker's Compensation by Knewaccount

I had a conversation with everyone the team and had gotten some questions answered!

First we'll see what Gregg had to say! Question first followed by answers:

1. What inspired you to make this game?

 We were given a topic called "death is awarded" via a weekly game jam. After considering a few ideas, we thought it would be interest…

Will Be Back Soon!

Due to the recent outbreak, and now pandemic, of this Corona-virus, I am essentially forced to stay home as I am immuno-compromised. You would think that this would give me plenty of time to write posts on this website but at this moment I would rather spend my time with family. I hope you all do understand and also are staying safe! I will include a short informational video on ways to prevent the spread of this virus and what exactly the virus is.

No More Gnomes: A Fun Relaxing Game.

A fun relaxing game... where you shatter gnomes to pieces. This game has you, the player, put at the heart of this destruction 😆 To me, this game just feels right, the music matches the type of game AND when the gnomes do shatter, the animation is as smooth as you could hope for.You are given a slingshot to do the deed.

The game is challenging, as a shooting gallery type game should be, yet entertaining. You would be surprised on where gnomes can be found these days! Please check out this awesome game.
No More Gnomes by Kuneko

Kook's Kitchen: First Impressions.

Kook's Kitchen is a cooking mini game where the player is tasked with dragging and dropping the ingredients to a ghoulish dish, a potion if you will, without allowing the creature in the pot to wreak havoc!

I love the overall theme of this game because you rarely get to see a horror-esque type of cooking game! I would highly recommend checking this game out!

Kook's Kitchen by Kuneko