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I'm Back!!!

Hello Everyone, I'm back! Hope you're all staying safe healthy and home. It has been quite a while since I have made a substantive post (in part because of school) I figured it would be cool to show off some of the cool submissions that I have gotten! So, that should get done in about twelve or so hours.

For now, I want to talk about a game Jordan made (we should pretty much know her because she is awesome, but she develops games all the time and is an awesome artist) along with her team mates. I have been meaning to make this post and it is a little overdue!

This was a game done for a weekly game jam:

I had a conversation with everyone the team and had gotten some questions answered!

First we'll see what Gregg had to say! Question first followed by answers:

1. What inspired you to make this game?

 We were given a topic called "death is awarded" via a weekly game jam. After considering a few ideas, we thought it would be interesting to make a game where the player runs from "death," only to discover it makes it stronger when he is "killed." 

2. What do you feel is the strongest element of this game?

It has a consistent theme. The art, play style, and sounds all belong together. 

3. What was the easiest part and the hardest part about making the music?

 The easiest part is actually composing the melodies, harmonies, etc. I have a PhD in composition, so I have much experience writing in many different styles. However, the difficult part was creating usable sounds. I wanted to write within NES limitations (two pulse channels, a triangle channel, and a noise channel), but this is very restricting in terms of what sounds I can make (and how to control them). It's also difficult to sometimes achieve a specific sound when you're limited to only three simultaneous pitches.Though, it's really fun to work like this, as there are fewer questions as a composer; there is no need to think about your orchestration, as there are fewer options and less wrestling with trying to find the best combinations of instruments. 

Don't forget to check out his website! http://www.greggrossetti.com/

Jordan is next!

1) What inspired you for the game?

The theme of the game jam "Dying is awarded" inspired the game. We bounced around several ideas from a hair dresser turned murderer, to a platform stacking puzzle game. We settled on the story of an office worker running from his boss turned evil squid!

2) How did you get ideas for the artwork?

 When we decided on the story for the game, it felt right for it to be set in a city. However, drawing skyscrapers seemed too typical, so I decided to draw a back alley of a city with skyscrapers in the background. I intended for this to give the game's setting some substance and also feel kind of closed off. I am still new at making art for games, so I do not think I accomplished this necessarily, but that was my intention! The enemy's design was loosely inspired by Hunson Abadeer from Adventure Time. The player character, Billy, is just a regular guy working a mediocre job that starts asking for more of him than he is willing to give! He never wears a tie to work because he finds them too restrictive.

3) Why make this type of game?

This game started as just a Weekly Game Jam submission, but it soon became something much more to me. It is rough around the edges, and doesn't necessarily show all the story that I've explained here. Still, I know the game is one that can be developed into something larger, and I'm honored to have been a part of this little game. It isn't always easy to click with a team, but I feel that it was very easy to do with Gregg and Eduardo. To answer this question, I was part of making this game because of the awesome team and good discussions we had that lead to its creation. I wanted to make this game to grow and learn as a game creator, and I would say I got even more out of making this game.


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