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Black History Card Gallery!

 I, like many others, am staying home primarily. This fact makes it just about impossible to physically go to a gallery or exhibit. Thus, virtual gallery walks are prefect!  8.6.0 Black History Card Gallery by sketche99

Abyssal Plains

 This game pays really close attention to detail. Love the creatures and how that they animate once you shine your light on them. Great game, great job! 8.5.7 Abyssal Plains by Temporarily Unnamed Collective

Interminal: The Airport Simulator of My Dreams!

Interminal: A game that we, or at least I, would dream about!! A game about nothing but one of the single best environments to exist… Airports! You can buy tons of fancy colognes and watch the pretty planes. Or, if you want to you could just run around like a maniac. No matter your play style here is the game: 8.5.5 Interminal by nothke, Ferran Bertomeu

Looper Cooper For the Win!

For me, the controls are a bit sensitive but over time you adapt to it and it becomes easier. The sensitive nature of the controls makes it much easier to do loops... which is really the point. With this said, this game is entertaining and I like it. Looper Cooper [LD47] by imphenzia

Curse Dodger

 The name of this game explains itself, simply dodge flying curse words. This is a platforming game that reminds me of my favorite platforming games such as Cloudberry Kingdom. This game has really great music also, and I can certainly appreciate that! The icing on top for me was the smooth character movement. Sometimes you'll get a game of this type where the movement is clunky at best, but that's not the case here! You can check out the game on today!  8.1.2 CURSE DODGER by sketche99

Monster Master

 In a way this game feels like chess, and I love both chess and this game! The art style used in the game gives it a great feel as well! 8.0.5 Monster Master by Raychop, Sojzi, Dissolvant, Mahjoub

End of Another Game Jam.

    Today yet another game jam we've conducted is winding down. I will say to this game jam was a modest success. 5 people joined and of the five we had one entry and an advertiser. Some people may consider one entry to a game jam a failure, but I don't see it as such. The submission was a quality game and I appreciate the effort! 8.0.3 Ethor RPG by gwood5901 As for the advertiser, some people don't like self promotion in their game jams but I honestly don't mind. At least he took the time to show his credentials... here is his website:




This was my most successful game jam by far, and I hope they all get just as many if not more submissions! Big thank you to Rik Oclon for helping promote this game jam! I know that quite a few participants resulted from his work. So, without further delay here is all the games from this jam! Hide and Seek by JORDAN’S PIXELS Hallowed Tomb by Lil_Cactus Detective Mrozinsky by Chronoware Games Use Command by Dengar Bright Side by Alberto Ramos roommate by nCCat King of Chaos by ChrisSkyRo One Night of Discovering the Abandoned by TrexandDrago Games The Quiz by Borromeo The Book Of Lucraria by Ajinaline The Library by Mandvillegames Last but not least, as a thank you to Rik let's include Rik's game! Retro Space Ball by RikOclon

Game Jam Recap: Medieval Times Game Jam

This game jam had a fair amount of submissions, six! So, I'll include all of them here: Dungeon of the Mad Mage by rafaelcnagy, syrem The Ship on Wheels Episode One by Bozon Minotaur Maze by arthursheos Oberlon: Trading Sim by Tyler Holloway Dice 1000 online by Alexandr Shvab Medieval Times idea/research by Arcus This last one is not a game per say, but it does provide some excellent facts, research and ideas.

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