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Game Updates.

Things are gradually starting to pick up again among those I follow on Itch, as I knew they would... maybe I need to follow more people. ANYWAY, here is some awesome games that have recently been updated.8.0.3

Peculiar Farming - Post Jam Version by Arcus, daniel michaeloudis
When has this game NOT been updated lately?

Adventures of Yi Chapter 1 by Rail
I am helping with the writing for this game...I came somewhat later on in development so I can't be given much credit for chapter 1, but it is a cool game! Xander the Monster Morpher: Universe Breaker by Karatkuro
For the amount of content is this game, it is well worth the asking price and probably more as well.

End of Another Game Jam.

    Today yet another game jam we've conducted is winding down. I will say to this game jam was a modest success. 5 people joined and of the five we had one entry and an advertiser. Some people may consider one entry to a game jam a failure, but I don't see it as such. The submission was a quality game and I appreciate the effort!

As for the advertiser, some people don't like self promotion in their game jams but I honestly don't mind. At least he took the time to show his credentials... here is his website: https://www.joshcake.com/


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