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A Look Into the FUTURE.

Today I am going to take you guys into the…FUTURE! You read that right, the future.

By that I mean we are going to look at the prospect of a game. I am doing this because the game looks extremely interesting to me, and I believe it would be something my audience would enjoy as well.

Even though the game is in extremely early stages, I still managed to contact the developer and find loads of juicy information to share.

The developer in question is Martynas Antipenkovas. Martynas is a developer from England and the game in question is titled “Lurking Behind” and will be released as a proof of concept/ a technical demo, not a full game experience.

Martynas  has taken a tremendous approach to making this game in my opinion. Martynas is focusing on programming initially and once that is completed only then will he focus on the artistic portion of the game. I think this is great for many reasons, to use his words: “This should help me avoid making unnecessary assets which are already not so easy to produce”.

The main concept of the game is very alluring. Of course, this is very early and practically everything is subject to change. Nevertheless, the main concept as it is follows this “magic formula” if you will:

The player is placed into a randomly generated dungeon. Every room may contain a monster that you can defeat for LOOT. There will be a total of two merchants per level, one allows the player to level up various stats, the other will sell the player potions and traps. The twist in this tale is that after a certain variable of time the boss enemy is spawned in the starting room, said boss starts roaming around searching for the player. The boss spawns with only a portion of it’s health, although this slowly regenerates during the time that it roams the area. As the boss’s health bar fully regenerates it will look for you more aggressively. All of this happens as you, the player, are busy defeating smaller enemies, so you may not even be aware the boss is searching for you. Alternatively, you may choose to take the initiative and search out the boss.

Very interesting concept! Please keep in mind that games at such an early stage change constantly and quite often for the better.

As the game is not currently intended as a full game experience, it will be free to play. This means that the developer is exploring avenues of distribution such as Game Jolt and Itch.io.

If you are just as eager to follow development as I am, here is Martynas's Twitter:


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