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It has been two years since I began this blog, and I have improved from an inexperienced writer to...slightly inexperienced!7.0.3
This post will be dedicated to promoting AirportParkingReservations.com, which is the affiliate program I belong to.
I know that at the moment flying can be a risk, although sometimes it is necessary in order to conduct business or visit loved ones. If you are in need of parking, this site is for you! 
The site gives you multiple parking locations ranging from hotels (which can be a bit pricey because you have to rent the whole room), or companies dedicated to airport parking (which often times are cheaper)! You can tailor your search as well. 
For some examples, I will include some parking locations I searched.
Keep in mind that the links in this post are affiliate links and I will receive a portion of your purchase.
Also, be aware that my search settings will still be active when you click the links, so you will have to edit the search…

Climb!- What to Expect

Climb! is a neat game I happened to come across and here is what you need to know:


"Climbers in CLIMB! will fight against dynamic environments, falling rocks, frostbite, and an array of outrageous weapons and gadgets in a mad scramble to the finish! Scale cliffs in various hazardous environments around the globe! Get to the top and brag to your friends, or fall to your death in a shower of ludicrous gibs. Are you good enough to scale the world's deadliest mountains?


  • Single Player Time trial where you race against the clock to get to the top while avoiding hazards that rain death upon you!
  • Travel around the world to climb up most dangerous mountains, each of which contains unique challenges that will test your reflexes and guile.
  • Play as four character personas that reflect the adventures that await you.
  • Scavenge for items that can be utilized to help you scale up the mountains or bash your opponent’s head in.
  • When you are done traveling around the world alone play 2-Player race against your friends on a nice comfy couch.
  • 4-Player Sumo Arena where players attempt to knock each other out of the ring into a flurry of buzzsaws to see who is really - king of the mountain.
  • Play with a xbox, playstation controller 4, or with a mouse and keyboard."



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