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This Month So Far.

Unfortunately, there has not been too much news in the indie game world for me to report on (I try my best not to end up covering the same things as other content creators). I do have two games that I wish to showcase...both being browser based so you do not have to download anything! Truth is, I have been waiting for a few more games to come out by people I follow, and none I have taken interest to besides these two have come out!7.0.3
The first game I would like to showcase is "Full Moon Coffee."

Full Moon Coffee by watabou
This is a short little point and click adventure game with comedic elements. I love the ending, it is something you have to play for yourself!
The next game that I would like to showcase is called "Tenko's Story RPG- No Travel Game Jam."
Tenko's Story RPG - No Travel Game Jam - by LVGames
This is a great little adventure game. The game itself is supposed to be more fleshed out in the future, if you click the above link you can also find thei…

Musume, a Cinematic Action Game.

I have to say, I was nothing short of intrigued when I came across this game on Twitter. I have a lot of information on this game to share, but I am not too familiar with the game yet so this will be a learning experience for us all!

The game in question (which you could probably tell from the post title) is Musume. The platforms this game will be available on are: Steam, PlayStation 5, Xbox Scarlet and Switch.

Release Date: 1st of November, 2022.

Studio Name: Devil Knight Studios

Website: www.musumethegame.com

Twitter - @MusumeTheGame 

email - enes@musumethegame.com

@Moonraccoon (music)

Here is a rundown of all the characters you can see in the game right now:

Name: Suzu Aoyama
Designation: Daughter of Eris 
Occupation: Chaos Witch
Weapon: Chaos Blade
Armor: DE779(Type 1)
Faster: than a speeding bullet 

English voice actress:
Aika Intong (@AikaIntongVA)

Japanese voice actress: 
 Sofia Sanches (@bagelruru011)

Name: Mara Kimbry
Designation: None
PictureOccupation: Treasure Hunter
Weapon: Connix Scanner Tool (holstered)
Armor: None
​Master of: Unlocking
English voice actress:
Aimee Smith (@AimeeSmithVA)

Japanese voice actress: 
Mandy W. (@irisdragonVA)

Name: Tsurune Matsuzaka
Designation: Daughter of Athena
Occupation: Sharpshooter/Sniper
Weapon: Artemis Precision Bow
Armor: DA112
Loves: computers
English voice actress:
Emma Breezy (@EZBreezyVA)

Japanese voice actress:
 Rin Y. (@SuzulinVA)

Name:Melody Kimbry 
Designation: Daughter of Concordia
Occupation: Saint 
Weapon: Tracts of Harmony
PictureArmor: 3rd Rite of the Saints

English voice actress: 
Aimee Smith (@AimeeSmithVA)

 Japanese voice actress:
 Kaienyuu (@Kaien_yuu) 

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