Musume, a Cinematic Action Game.

I have to say, I was nothing short of intrigued when I came across this game on Twitter. I have a lot of information on this game to share, but I am not too familiar with the game yet so this will be a learning experience for us all!

The game in question (which you could probably tell from the post title) is Musume. The platforms this game will be available on are: Steam, PlayStation 5, Xbox Scarlet and Switch.

Release Date: 1st of November, 2022.

Studio Name: Devil Knight Studios


Twitter - @MusumeTheGame 

email -

@Moonraccoon (music)

Here is a rundown of all the characters you can see in the game right now:

Name: Suzu Aoyama
Designation: Daughter of Eris 
Occupation: Chaos Witch
Weapon: Chaos Blade
Armor: DE779(Type 1)
Faster: than a speeding bullet 

English voice actress:
Aika Intong (@AikaIntongVA)

Japanese voice actress: 
 Sofia Sanches (@bagelruru011)

Name: Mara Kimbry
Designation: None
PictureOccupation: Treasure Hunter
Weapon: Connix Scanner Tool (holstered)
Armor: None
​Master of: Unlocking
English voice actress:
Aimee Smith (@AimeeSmithVA)

Japanese voice actress: 
Mandy W. (@irisdragonVA)

Name: Tsurune Matsuzaka
Designation: Daughter of Athena
Occupation: Sharpshooter/Sniper
Weapon: Artemis Precision Bow
Armor: DA112
Loves: computers
English voice actress:
Emma Breezy (@EZBreezyVA)

Japanese voice actress:
 Rin Y. (@SuzulinVA)

Name:Melody Kimbry 
Designation: Daughter of Concordia
Occupation: Saint 
Weapon: Tracts of Harmony
PictureArmor: 3rd Rite of the Saints

English voice actress: 
Aimee Smith (@AimeeSmithVA)

 Japanese voice actress:
 Kaienyuu (@Kaien_yuu) 

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