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\"S\" Runners - Free Online Browser Based HTML5 Game

\"S\" Runners - Free Online Browser Based HTML5 Game: Choose your hero and run to help those who need it, with your agility and special powers you can do it!

Fun little game with a cool art style.


College is picking up and I am getting a little sluggish with these blog posts. I really am trying to find another writer for this blog, but people are busy! Regardless, I made a new game jam found at this link.

Labyrinths in Darkness - Free Online Browser Based HTML5 Game

Labyrinths in Darkness - Free Online Browser Based HTML5 Game: How many labyrinths can you overcome before the light fades out?Walk through as many labyrinths as you can before time runs out and the light fades out. Labyrinths in darkness is a simple game where you will have to find the way out in mazes that are generated randomly.

I probably did share this game before, but you know what? It is a quality game. It has a unique feel to it.

Extra Extra!!!

I have a nice long post for you guys today, and I'm sure you will all enjoy it. I am going to talk about a game I discovered near January 1st, and this game is called "A Thief's Journey". I always like to start these posts off by discussing the inspiration for a given game. This game's inspiration is from games such as connect the dots that you likely would have played as kid. As in connect the dots, in "A Thief's Journey" you must be careful not to visit a tile (or dot in connect the dots) more than once. Initially, the game's skeleton was bare bones, like most games. In fact, the initial game play consisted of a square for the players and dots for bases.

After the initial development in January of 2015, the game play was satisfying, although tougher levels were a must. After some hard thought, it was figured that since the game setting is a 3x3 grid, the levels had to be more challenging. This led to the in game obstacles you will see upon pl…

I hope we are all doing well.

As you all should know by now, I am constantly on the hunt for new content to post and developers to interview. Unfortunately, in the past many developers are too busy developing their games to talk with me, but that all changes today.

I am a member of a Facebook page where developers show and test their creations, and I happened upon a hidden gem. This is an indie game (my favorite!) by none other than Mugiesshan Anandarajah. The game I am talking about is titled "Street Grudge", a game based on the fighting system of Muay Thai. I have a statement prepared by Mugiesshan, and here it is:

"This game is a 2D side-scrolling combat game with a parkour feature which you can use to leverage your environment to deliver attacks and dodge attacks. The inspiration behind this game is actually based on a 3rd story idea I'm working on, so this game in a way is actually a prototype of something bigger. One of the key things about this game is the parkour feature using your back…

Catch The Crazy Balls - Free Online Browser Based HTML5 Game

Catch The Crazy Balls - Free Online Browser Based HTML5 Game: In this game your objective is catch all the crazy balls and prevent accumulating more than 18 balls on the screen or the game will end. Controls:Touch the crazy ball and drag in the cube of balls for collect This game is destined for the kids

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